and at the same time, the lightning illuminated her beautiful face even for just a second.

”Dear me, should I call you brave or stupid? ”


He coughed another blood, and his other injuries started to bleed again.

The Duke saw a small light coming from her hand that illuminated them. Then, with some difficulty, he tried to look at her face. She was young, a girl around seventeen years old. Her face was so beautiful, just like a gorgeous elf from the legend books—her small lip with the shape of a heart held a faint smile.

The heavy rain was still pouring, but none was hitting the young woman. Instead, its as if there was an invisible umbrella protecting her from the downpour.

”What a stubborn person. You are so weak, yet you have the guts to enter this forest. Guess you are both. ”

Gerald lowered his head. He knew that the girl had helped him out. But should he trust her? This place was still the Mystical man-eating greenwood of their kingdom.

”Are you going to kill me too? ” He asked.

There was a brief silence before he heard the musical laugh of the girl.

”Should I do that? ”

Then a bluish aura covered his whole body. Gerald stiffened and awaited his death. But instead, he felt that his injury was recovering. He raised his head again, and this time the heavy rain stopped.

”Thats a good instinct; it would be best if you do not trust anyone. Especially those who randomly appeared from this place. ”

”Thank you. ”

”Then, Ill be going. ”

She turned and was about to leave when Gerald shouted.

”Wait! ”

The girl stopped and faced him.

”Are you familiar with this place? ”

”You could say that. ”

The Duke hesitated but still opened his mouth to ask.

”Then, can you help me? ”

She stared at him and crossed her arms.

”You want me to protect you. ”

Gerald knew it might be impossible to ask for another assistance when she had already helped out. But he doesn want to die in this place, so he still gives it a shot.

”Please, can you help me? ”

He saw her smile gently, ”Of course, but are you sure? We just met and trusting your life to a stranger like me, you might regret it. ”

The Duke clenched his fist. He felt some uneasiness, but his survival was more important.

”I will agree with your terms. ”

”Alright. My name is Louise Von Royalle. Please to meet you, ” she stretched her hand.

”Im Duke Gerald Harrington of the Green Kingdom, ” he replied as he shook her hand.

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