I can not believe, what I see, Ladies and Gentlemen! As you can see, Mr Jack employs his famous fire-storm attack.

Amazing!! good judgement according to the terrain, Spectacular!

But Ms Sina dodges the attack, a wonderful display of her grade 3 water magic. And there it is!! Mr Jacks trump card -Radical beam!


”It seems like we have our winner! And here we have it, Folks… What the?! Miss Sina is still standing! But what about Mr Ja… Huh!! What the… Mr Jack is down! MR. JACK HAS FALLEN!!! Ladies and Gentlemen, The winner of the Aros fighting league, is none other than Killer of the Silent Night, one and only,

Ms Sina!!! ”

”I can not begin to contain my excitement, Just like that table has turned, what the hell happened in those few seconds!! ”


”OUCH!!! ”

”Young man!!

How often do I have to say, ”No TV after 10 p.m. ”?

”Oww!!. ” G-Grandpa, It hurts…, and not watching TV here! I am gaining knowledge. ”

”Oh!! Please do enlighten this old man, how? ”

”Tomorrows the day I leave for my journey, so Im watching a few official matches as a reference for my future battles. It was for purely educational purposes. ”

”Che… educational, my wrinkly old ass, you are wasting your time. ”

”Say that again, old man! ”

”Ok-Ok, don be grumpy here. By the way, you decided which Spirit you will choose for your journey? ”


OMG!! Don tell me! You haven even chosen which spirit you want to be bonded with!? Well, Ill be dammed, I thought you were ready. ”

”Wait-Wait, I have decided which one I want, but you see the thing is… well, its a plant-based spirit called ”Skira, ” weapon class Dagger, normal grade. ”

”Phew! ” Well, at least you still remember my teachings. Good. ”

”I know… It doesn matter what your spirit is or what grade it is. It all depends on the user and his fighting capabilities on how to use that weapon. ”

”And the state of mind. very good! Thats my grandson. So, whats the issue? ”

”sigh… Well, its a twin dagger and you know well that, I am not good with weapons. Hand-to-hand combat is my speciality. I hoped for a spirit just like yours. I mean, Just look at you and Kureha. Both of you, are so strong and well-matched. ”

”Hmm…Listen, Ashu, you are correct; I and Kuruha are well matched and strong, but thats not because he is a gauntlet, a special grade, or my speciality.

No, sure, those things do matter, but to some extent. The reason me and Kruruha are so strong is because of our teamwork and practice.

Remember Just like when we practised, at the start of your training, you got yourself so beat up by Mankey, a lesser animal spirit no less, but look as time progressed, you have overcome that hurdle and now look at you, you can defeat even normal type spirits in hand-to-hand combat. So don sweat it. As time progresses, you will eventually get the hang of it. ”

”Hmm… I think you are right.


By the way, Where are you going this late at night? ”

”… Hahaha… about that? You see, son, the thing is, someone from the army had just called and asked me to come for a meeting, so… ”


But You promised me you would be there to see me off!? What were they thinking? Don they know that even you have a family to take care of? ”

Right-Right, thats what I was about to say to them, but… you know how army life is. When duty calls, you respond, and no one is above duty; duty is your life crap…even if I don like it, I too sometimes have to follow this rule.

But Guess what! I promise you, I will see you off, even if it means I must teach those higher-ups a lesson or two about what family is. Don worry, I promise. ”

”Okay, Whatever you say, wheres Kureha? ”

”On the phone, talking to the higher-ups… Say, if you can fall asleep, how about we go for a little spar to break off some sweat? ”

”Hehehe… Always ready to kick your wrinkly old ass, old man! ”

”Ha-Ha-Ha… Don get cheeky with me, punk. Don come crying to me when you get some boo-boo spoiled. ”

”Yeah right… ”






”You know the rules, right? ”

”Yep, only hand-to-hand combat and no cheap tricks. ”

”Good, now come at me, Boy! ”

”Phew! ”

Ashu Remember, take a deep breath, empty your mind, observe your enemys stance, look at him in his eyes, don let your mind wander, Now Go!!

”Ohoho!!!… ” Well, at least he knows what hes doing, which is good but not enough. He is forgetting that I am the one who taught him everything he knows. He needs to come up with something unique.

Huh!! Running straight at me, what a stupid move.

”You are too cocky for your good. ” Grandpa clapped his hands together as he took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

Even though I knew what he was about to do and what was about to happen, I still went straight at him, fist clenched, and threw a straight jab at his face, but he opened his eye at that moment, and he wrapped his arm around mine like a snake wrapping himself around his pray. That was the moment I was waiting for. I retreated my hand as fast as I could and turned myself in another direction. dogged his grab and I increased power input at my speed.

Whoosh whoosh!!

At that moment, I appeared right behind him, akin to a ghost that made grandpa look shocked. I again threw the punch, this time with more speed, but that was foolish of me to think that I could overcome him with that ease.

Even after I appeared behind him, his eyes were not wide out of shock at his chance of him losing; No instead, his eyes were wide due to my unexpected movements. With his calm eyes, he dogged my fist by turning my waist opposite to my incoming fist, then he grabbed my wrist and threw my body opposite to his with ease. For a moment, I felt I was light as a feather as he picked me up by my wrist and threw me onto the ground like a sack of potatoes.

I tried to regain my balance as I was falling, but grandpa came straight at me at full speed. He was so fast, that before my legs could touch the ground, he threw a heavy punch at my falling body.

The punch was aimed straight at my sternum. I tried to block the impact by tightening my stomach muscles and shifting slightly in mid-air, as his punch landed on my arms.

By doing so, I diminish the force of the blow by taking it head-on and letting my muscles absorb the force of the impact.

But, Even after doing that, the impact was so strong that it pushes my body to a large distance and my back hit a nea

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