Chapter 9

As the table filled with a variety of cuisines appeared right in front of my eyes. Im not even sure where to begin.

I picked up a slice of roasted meat and took a huge bite out of it. The juicy, tender meat hit my tongue and the burst of different types of flavour hit my brain receptors.

”Delicious!! ” I said as half of the meat was in my mouth. This meat is truly delicious.

Hahaha… Don be in a hurry, child; this is all for you. You don have to rush it. Enjoy your dining.

”Why are you not eating too? Please have yourself too. It is embarrassing when I eat alone.

I said as I offered a whole roasted chicken, but I noticed the whole chicken was too small for him to even taste the damn thing. Too small.

”Child, thank you for asking. Here, let me transform so we can dine together. ”

And like that, the huge majestic dragon shone brightly, like a sun, for a whole thirty seconds.

At that moment, his huge figure was getting smaller and smaller, and like that, his whole figure was now about a few metres above me, about the same height as my grandfather. who was about 7 feet tall.

The brightness got dim and the dragons appearance changed into a man in his thirties. Irrespective of his age, the human form he took was of the most handsome man I ever laid my eyes on. I think he is the most handsome man that ever walked on this planet.

No man can compare to his beauty and elegance. Im a man, and Im proud of it, but by looking at him, I wish to be his wife. You can expect the sort of beauty Im talking about.

With his waist-long silvery, wavy hair and blueish-shades of sharp eyes, he had the perfect structured, white face.

Without any specks of imperfection in it, the body that held this perfect face was as perfect as that body could be. The perfect amount of muscle in every body part, broad shoulders, and chiselled muscles.

”Child, your saliva is dripping out of your mouth. ” I know I look good.

”… I shut my mouth down.

Now, lets eat!

”Sure, here. ” I passed the roasted chicken, and we both ate; everything was served on the table.

I finished two whole chickens, one bowl of soup, one bowl of salad, and three pieces of meat. My stomach is completely full now. I think I can go for three days without any food.

But, on the other hand, the host who invited me to his home ate four times more food than me.

I was not shocked. I mean, if you think carefully, he is a dragon. There must be a huge difference between my appetite and his.

After filling our stomachs, my host offered me a glass of milk. I accepted the gesture and finished it.

Its been a long time since someone shared a table with me. I thank you for that. My host said

Its my pleasure that I could share a table with someone as mighty as you. Not only that you saved my life, but you also offered me food to eat. I should be the one to thank you. ” I said as I stood up and bowed my head up to my waist. Grandpa always taught me to say thank you like that to someone who helped me.

”You are too sweet, my child. ” I did it so I could have someone to talk to. Im not that charitable.

If you don mind me asking, I don get the part when you said, ”Im the first human you have met in the last 3000 years. ” I asked politely.

… The thing is, child, I had associated myself with your kind in the past. We were both on a good term for many years. I helped your kind by sharing my knowledge and they helped me by ending my boredom.

But good times had passed, and some of your kind got greedy. They couldn accept someone with great power.

They either got scared or got jealous of my power and so some of your kind tried to find a way to obtain power comparable to mine or to find a way to end my life.

Many of your kind died due to their own greed and my interference in their affairs.

It was too painful to watch, so I cut off any association I had and hid in this place. He said, and the tone in which he told me that was sad.

”What about your own kind? Are there dragons other than you in this world? ” I asked.

There are, but not many. About 1000 of my spices exist in this world today, but only 10 out of thousands have enough self-awareness and the ability to communicate. All others are more of a sub-species, with less intelligence. And the only thing they care about is survival and food.

Ten people, who are intelligent enough, are in the same situation as me. They don like to associate with each other, and they get betrayed by humans too. So, they associate themselves with species other than humans, like merfolk, dwarves, therianthropes, also known as Demi-human, spirits, anthropomorphians, and vampires, to name a few who they associate with.

”Wouldn it be better for you to do the same and associate with species other than humans? ” I mean, its not like we are special or anything.

You are wrong, my child; humans are special. No, all the species that exist in this universe are special in their own way. And I do associate myself with other species, but you humans are the most interesting ones Ive encountered so far. In the past, there has never been a single day in my life when I was bored. Every day, I observe unexpected behaviour from you humans.

Other species are certainly intelligent enough to communicate with us, but they are boring and their behaviour can be expected. But that is not possible in the case of you humans. He spoke so enthusiastically about us that I found it odd.

”Enough about me. What are you going to do next? ” I presume you want to head to the kingdom you call ”Partiputtra ”. Is that correct? ”

”Yes! As I told you, I was about to start my journey to explore this world, but unfortunately, I was attacked and then you know the rest. ”

Hmm… How about I teleport you to the near human civilization? Sorry, as I told you, I could teleport you anywhere in this world if I knew the name of that region, but my not associating with human civilization for a long time led to my being unable to cope with humans current affairs and the current names of the countries. So, how about you start your journey from there? It wouldn be a problem, would it?

I considered his suggestion, on whether I should go to Partliputtra or begin my journey elsewhere.I mean, Its not like I had something planned. I was heading to that place because it was famous for its food and fighting tournaments. So I made the decision to travel somewhere else.

Okay, I have decided. Please do teleport me to near human civilization. I will start my journey from there. ”

”Good, thats more like it. ” ”Tell me when would you like to leave? ” he asked, with a voice that had sadness.

The dragon said, ”I have a favour to ask if you don mind me asking. ”

”Please do. If its something in my power, I will certainly be much more obliged to help you. ”

”Thank you. If you don mind, can you stay here for a few days? That is only if you are not in a hurry. I finally have had company for a very long time. I would like to enjoy your company for a few more days.

Sure, I would love to do that. I too have a favour to ask. If you don mind me asking, it might be shameless for me to ask you this after you helped me so much and you could reject my request. If you like, I absolutely won mind.

Go ahead, ask away. I won mind.

”The few days in which Im going to stay here, can we do a friendly spar? I know, its rude of me to be asking you this after everything youve done for me. But I would like to test my strength on someone very strong other than my grandfather. ” I asked nervously. I am hoping for a favourable response.

”Ha-ha-ha!! You are getting more and more interesting than I presumed you to be. Of course, I love to do that. How about we start now?

”Yes!! But here…

”Of course not, you silly. ” I will teleport us to my playground.

And like that, the same purple light shone brightly in a circle and we teleported…

To be continued…

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