Chapter 10: One Punch Knock out

We appeared in a **ing huge collosum. The starry black sky was a beauty to behold. What kind of fighter is he? I reasoned that , because if its magic, well, Im not someone able to perform magic. When I was with Grandpa, he only trained me physically and psychologically. I was never given the opportunity to learn magic. I, too, enjoy fighting with my hands, so I never tried to learn on my own. And why should I? I mean, in the past, I felt spirt weapons were sufficient to combat spirt holders and magic users.

So, I never had a reason, but things have changed. Sure, hand-to-hand combat is sufficient, but after fighting pirates, I now know magic is necessary. I mean, I may have died back there if it wasn for my luck and the dragons mercy. From the dragon, I don even know his name. ”Now that we are going to live together for a few days, can you tell me what to call you? ” ”Sorry! for not introducing myself. ” You can call me Billal.

This is my favourite of the thirty-six names. A young lady handed it to me. when I started associating myself with humanity, but that is a story for another time. How should I address you? ”Ashu! Thats the name that was given to me by my grandfather. ”

Now that we are here, how about we start sparring? But before that, child, tell me what type of fighter you are. He still refers to me as a child, even after I gave him my name.


And why can he talk normally? Its weird every time I hear his voice in my head.

Well, I don have any skill in magic and don have a spirit weapon, so how about a regular hand-to-hand fight? Are you okay with that? ”

Im cool with it, but how did you battle the pirate without a spirit weapon or magic? Was he unable to employ magic? ”

Well, I won say I fought him without any weapons. I did use this scythe. ”

I said, as I opened my dimension pocket and took out my scythe.


Mr. Billal was taken aback as I pulled out the scythe. His eyes were wide open, and he almost gasped in disbelief.

”What the hell? ! child! How did you get your hands on this cursed thing!!

I was shocked, not because he knew about my weapon, but because he referred to it as cursed. ”Do you mind if I take a closer look? ” ”Of course not, here… ” I handed him the scythe. And he literally took a closer look. ”Its the real deal!! ” Please do tell me how you got this weapon. Well, I got it from a doctor k. He is a professor who studies spirits and lives near my house. He obtained that weapon from an auction. From what I remember, he told me a drunken man found this weapon lying on the road and sold it to an auction house for chip change. Thats all I know. Do you know something about this weapon? ” I inquired.

”Yes, but thats not for me to tell you. You will eventually find out about the history behind the weapon and who created it along your journey.

Im sorry to say this, but if I had known you were in possession of this weapon, I would have killed you right on the spot just to get my hands on this.

Well, you can take it if you want. I don even know how to use the damn thing. I took it because this was the only available weapon Doc had that could hurt the spirits. But in exchange, can you offer me something like a gantlet that could be useful against spirts? ”Something that can support hand-to-hand combat? ”

First thing, even if I want to have this weapon to myself, I cannot have it because this weapon has chosen you as his master/wielder. Killing you is not enough to separate you from this weapon. I can have it until this weapon rejects you and accepts me as his master.

The second thing is that if someone offered you a weapon, you wouldn be able to use it due to the pact between you and this scythe. You simply cannot use any weapon other than this one. He said, as he offered the weapon back to my hand.

I took it back, but I don know how to describe the feeling I felt that time.

Don worry, if you can use that weapon, I can teach you how to use it. If you like?

”Can you! I would really love that if you could. I can use my full potential due to my scythe. And I almost died. ”

But for you to learn to use this weapon, first you need to learn about magic. Are you up for that?

”Yes!! But before that, how about we start our fight now? ”

Sure, there are a few things you need to know before we fight.

The first thing is that Ill not be using my full physical strength. Im not saying you are weak or not worthy enough to fight me. Im not insulting you here. The reason for my not using my whole strength against you is that I am a dragon. My full physical strength might destroy this whole continent.

I am not bragging or anything, but it is true. So, for your safety, Ill be using 0.1 percent of my physical power.

”Ok, I kind of get that. When did you accept to spar with me? ” I spoke, as I was feeling disheartened because of my lack of strength.

”Son, remember, Im not saying that you are weak. For your age, you
e plenty strong. I can sense it. ” The aura around you is strong, but you are too young and have plenty of room for growth and improvement. And for that to happen, you must fight strong people and learn a few things along your journey to get to a level where you can challenge me enough to use my 5 gifts of power.

You must at least become the strongest human, then only I can use my actual strength against you. Promise me that youll achieve that and challenge me again.

Okay, Ill promise you that Ill become the strongest human and challenge you again.

”Thats more like it! ” Ill be waiting for you. ” He said happily.

Now, the second thing is that, as you have told me, you have not practised any magic, but from what I can tell, your body is already quite used to mana. All the cells in your body have already experienced and trained to store mana. which is quite unheard of. Well, it might be me not having any knowledge about the human world. Back on topic, as I tell you don know any mana arts, and due to that, Ill be refraining myself from using any mana arts.

The third and final thing is that you go all out. Use every possible trick and technique you know, and don worry about your body. I have already set a healing barrier that will constantly heal every strand of cell in your body. and try to focus on my movements, stance, energy flow, every single action. It will help you to know how to use that scythe.

Now that everything is clear, lets begin!!

Upon him saying the word ”begin, ” I distanced myself from him. My heart rate and blood pressure increased due to the excitement. Why wouldn it be? I finally got a chance to go all out against someone other than Grandpa. But thats not a reason for my excitement. The real reason is that I am fighting an actual **ing dragon! He may not use his full strength, but Im quite satisfied already. I mean, I wouldn want to die before I enjoyed my whole life.

He too, moved, and this time, he took out a scythe from a small portal that opened upon his gesture.

The scythe was pure golden, with a white pattern running from base to tip, and the blade was translucent with a little hint of sea blue in colour. It was an amazing weapon to look at. The beauty of this weapon alone was enough to cause a war between two continents, and no amount of wealth can buy you a weapon of this beauty, even if you make your weapons with pure gold and diamonds.

Nothing will compare to it except the scythe I hold. The sword that Im holding may look ordinary, but the sort of reaction I got from Mr. Billal is enough to convince me that this weapon may be the greatest treasure I have.

But this time, I tucked that away inside my dimensional pocket.

I took a deep breath, closed my eyes, and emptied my mind. All the thoughts in my head settled, and I put all my energy into focus. I exhaled slowly from my mouth and then opened my eyes and took my stance.


Show me what you got, boy, and don hold back.

I felt a huge amount of energy surging inside my body and sent that energy to my legs and then…


And, like that, I closed the distance between me and Mr. Billal in seconds.

The burst of energy from my legs launched me toward him with high velocity. I clutched my fist tightly and sent that energy to my fist and threw a punch straight at his face. He stepped away from me and used my momentum against me, landing a heavy punch on my back with his left arm.


My punch had created a small burst sound, and before his punch could touch my back at that moment, I increased the power input of my legs and…

Whoosh!! Whoosh!!

I reappeared right I gave him a thick upper hook from my right arm under his chin and delivered a straight jab from my left arm to his nose.

But out of nowhere, a punch came and was about to hit me on my sternum, but before it could hit me, I strengthened all my muscles in my stomach area with all my power, tightened my jaw, to reduce the force of that blow and handle the pain. But, as his fist touched my body, the only thing I remembered was getting blinded by utter darkness in front of my eyes…

To be continued…

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