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Chapter 7: The Idiot Captain

As those pirates jumped over our ship, A few of them got shot by wind bullets and fell onto the sea. The mages Michel ordered to hide themselves for a sneak attack were effective without a doubt.

”Call the captain! This is a trap!! ”Return to the ship!! ”

”Captain! Help us! ”

”Fear not, men!! We will overcome this, ” said a man floating in mid-air. Above the ship As he came closer, his appearance became clear.

The man, who these guys call captain, is about in his twenties, had a long nose… so long! It was funny, to say the least. With his curly long hair, he reached a few metres above us.

I don get why that man was wearing sunglasses at night. The way he dressed was too funny to even describe. with his red tight polka-dot pants, white shoes, and red-white pattern shirt. I was certain that he was someone who had no sense of fashion.

”Captain! ”

”Captain! ” As he came, the morale of these hooligans skyrocketed.

”You tried to hurt my men! ” You should be ready to pay for your pitiful life. ”

Man! Ha-ha… With the way he dressed, I can take him seriously no matter how hard I try. Holding my laughter is a difficult ordeal, to begin with.

e the ones who attacked us first. We are just trying to protect ourselves! ” Michel said.

”Bla-Bla-bla… ” Shut your stinky piehole ugly! ”



I could see Michels nerves tightened due to anger and his face was… red as a tomato due to anger.

He threw a piece of the broken ship towards the man.

The Captain of this pirate ship dogged the assault and that piece of wood was about to fall but stopped in mid-air.

”Why don you take your gift back? ”


The same wood Michel threw back to us with high speed, enough to pierce through any human.

Michel persevered. The projectile hit the ship.


”Captain! Be careful, don damage the ship any more than it already is! ”

”Ops! Sorry! ”

With a simple gesture of his hand, thirty or so wind bullets formed and he fired at us.

”Ahhh!! ” I dogged with ease, but few of the bullets struck some of our men. All of them were injured and bleeding.

By the looks of it, now the tables have turned.

”Shit!! ” Michel was lifted in the air, as that man gestured with his hand and projected towards the icebergs at high speed.

”Ahh!! ” as his body collided with the iceberg. Blood came out of Michels mouth.

We were shocked for a moment, and some of us were afraid to be the next to get slammed.

All the morale came crashing down. People around us started throwing their weapons onto the ground.

There were a few who didn falter.

Where most of us were scared, I was excited to fight someone seriously other than Grandpa.

I wanted to test my strength against someone, and I finally got the chance to do that. And so.

” Oye, long nose!! Why don you fight me? ”


”…!! ” As I said that, everybody on the ship was shocked, and got silent, then looked at me with wide eyes. It was like, I said something I shouldn have.

”Who do you think you
e calling, long nose? ”The Captain came flying straight at me at high speed with a knife in his hand.

”… shit!! ” I took a few steps back as fast as I could.


What the… If I hadn done that, I wouldve surely died.

”Oho… you are able to do that. Now, consider yourself a dead brat! ” He came running straight at me.

”Hey-hey, why so angry? ” He was fast, that was for sure. Not only was I barely dodging all his fast barrage of slashes and punches, but what I was more afraid of him doing was the same thing he did with Michel.

I stored my scythe back in my dimension pocket and clutched my fist as tightly as I could.

Then I threw the punch as fast as I could, straight on that mans face.

His face and fist made direct contact and then…




”…..! ” As my fist contacted his face, he was sent flying straight and crashing onto the icebergs. A small crater on an iceberg was formed due to his body.

Everybody standing on the ship was shocked. The same goes for me.

I was sure I didn put that much power into it.

”UGGHH! KEHK!! You cretin! You
e insane!! How dare you hit my beautiful face? Youll pay! Youll pay with your life! ” The man was angry. No, angry words might be an understatement. He was fuming with so much anger toward me.

For a moment, I was hesitant to even throw another punch.

He got up and gestured his finger towards me, then up. I understood what that gesture meant. So, I hurried and increased the power input on my legs and launched myself towards him to close the distance.

”What the? ” Most of the people were stunned as I practically disappeared from their eyes. With my fast speed, I collided with the captain.

”AHH!!! ” This time, I thought he was dead for sure, but to my surprise, he was only unconscious.

And upon me colliding with him, we both created a tremor and an iceberg, and we both destroyed it in pieces completely.

I acted before I fell into the ocean and jumped back on the ship with the pirate guy on one hand and Michel on the other.

This whole situation is now getting tense. I just wanted to reach Partilputtra. Is it too much to ask?


”Leave our captain… ”

”Shut up! ” I said with my frustrated voice, which sent a spark of anger to the guy who was screaming annoyingly, which irritated me. Because of these guys, I am now tired.

”Get lost!! Before I destroy you all and throw you onto the sea full of sharks, ” I spoke to stuck fear in their hearts so that I could avoid any more conflicts. And to my surprise, they obediently backed off.

”Oh! Before you go, take this bastard with you! ” I threw the captains guy onto his goons.

And then we went back towards our ship. I don want to be the centre of attention when my mood is bad. Im tired and don have the energy to deal with people.

As I jumped onto the ship and was about to land, I was stuck in mid-air. I couldn move, and I knew the reason for this.

I turned my head and, with anger in my eyes, looked at the reason.

I thought he was unconscious but that the son of a bitch was acting. Hes a tough bastard, at least I can give him that much credit.

His face formed a smile as he looked into my eyes, and I was sure of what he was about to do.

”Fuck! ” and just like that, he sent me flying.


I didn know where I was going but knew, in a few moments I was about to fall into the sea with no land in sight.

And then it happened. Just like that, I drowned…

To be continued…

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