Thanks for the food part 2

Chapter 8:

” Oye! ” Are you alive, boy? Can you hear me?

Hmm… his breathing is stable. Thats good for at least I have an idea!

Im sorry for doing this to you. I hope youll forgive me. ”

”AHHHH!!!! ”

”What the **!!! ” I jolted up as a huge amount of pain travelled through my body without me knowing. It was a feeling that I absolutely don want to feel again. It was like someone gave me a 1000-volt shock. I don know how to describe that feeling clearly. My mind was fuzzy and ringing.

Oh, now you
e awake. You took your sweet time.

”Cough!! COUGH! ” I released the excess seawater from my mouth to the ground. I opened my eyes and adjusted my focus to meet the devil, who was cruel enough to wake me up with torture. I thought…

Is that how you humans nowadays show your appreciation for your saviour?

”…!!! ” I was shocked. No, flabbergasted was more appropriate I think, for two reasons. One is that Im currently at a place, from what I could tell by observing my surroundings, that it was a place that could be a small island in the middle of the sea, but it was too small to even call an island. It was more of a steep rock mountain in the middle of the sea.

The second reason was that the person, in voice, was nowhere to be seen. I was all alone, standing and looking for the person responsible for the pain I felt before, but the voice I heard before echoed in my head. I thought it was my imagination. I might have hit my head too hard.

”No boy, its not your imagination. ” And about your head, I checked earlier and healed all your injuries, so you don have to worry about that.

”What the?! ”

I swear to God, I really am awake. What sort of dream is that? Wait, if it is then…. God, I want a cheeseburger with chicken drums. I was questioning my current predicament. It was like rejecting reality.

”Now-now, are you trying to hurt my feelings or something? ” Sigh.. The first human that I met in a very long time and the person I saved turned out to be the stupid one.

”Oye, who are you calling stupid? ”

”Just enough with this shit, show yourself! Ill beat the crap out of you. ”

”Ha-Ha!! Young one, its about 3000 years too early for you to even give a scratch on my majestic body.

”Why don you show yourself in front of me instead of bragging like an idiot? ” I said as I looked around and checked my body for any injury, but I was fit as I could be. All the fatigue I had was gone.

Yawn. Well, I am busy, so why don you instead show yourself in? And instead of acting all high and might, you should show your appreciation of me saving your life.


”I am sorry, and thank you for saving my life. ”

”Thats more like it, now come. ” I could hear your stomach rumbling.

”Hehe… But don mind me asking, wheres the entrance? All I can see around me is a vast ocean, rocks, and cliffs. ”

Oh! Sorry, my mistake, here…


Immediately, out of nowhere, a purple light in a circle showed bright around me and just like that, my vision shifted and my surroundings changed instantly. More to say, I was teleported.

”Nifty trick you got there. ”

”Ha-ha!! Thank you for the compliment.

”Most welcome! ” I looked around and spotted a giant waterfall, in the middle of a beautiful lush green forest around me.

Theres a cave behind the waterfall. Please be careful before you enter. Its slippery. I did as I was instructed and entered the cave behind the waterfall.

Upon stepping inside the cave, I was left shocked; the whole ground under my feet shifted metamorphically. I was again astonished due to the whole cave being like a luxurious palace.

The space was clearly morphed. I mean, how else would you explain a small normal cave having enough space to store three villages?

The place I was standing was not what I had imagined. Now I was more curious to meet the master of this place and the man capable of performing feats like these.

The whole corridor in which I was standing was covered by a red soft carpet, and the walls were painted in gold.

Beautiful paintings were hung on the wall at every distance.

”Welcome to my humble adobe. ”

”Humble! Sorry to say this, but this place is everything but humble. Its huge!! ”

”Thanks, now open the room that is on your left. ”

”Here… ” I pushed the huge door open and entered.

And what I was was something that would cause every human to lose their leg strength and fall.

I felt the blood drain from my face as my mouth gaped open and my eyes bulged. I felt lightheaded as my legs failed to support me. I crumbled back onto my aching butt, staring at the one who helped me.

I strengthened my resolve and mustered up all my courage. The only word that came out of my mouth was: ”D-D-DRAGON!!!! ” My eyes saw what my brain refused to believe. For a lack of a better word, an actual freaking living **ing dragon, which easily towered over 20 metres high, was resting.

Now I get why he called himself majestic. with a whole body covered in lustrous golden scales and shiny white eyes. Two huge wings rested on its body. Two massive horns protruded out the sides of its head, arched down and around its skull, curving up to a point near the front, reminding me of something almost akin to a crown. It had a mouth with two fangs peeking out of its lips, and two huge nostrils released a gust of wind, enough to mess with my long white hair.

So, now do you think you could leave even a scratch on this body of mine?

”… I turned my head sideways and gestured no.

So, what do you think? We finally meet, it repeated with a lazy half-smile that revealed a row of pointed teeth.

I tried getting up, but failed halfway and ended up back on my butt, my face still slacking from the shock of what my eyes were seeing.

Now-now, bugs will fly into your mouth if you keep it open that wide. ”It said, ” as his voice projected inside my mind.

”… T-Thankyou, you for saving me. ”

”No problem. ” But don mind me asking how did you end up getting drowned? are not able to swim.

He asked, and so I relived the whole events that led me to this situation.

After a minute or so, I finished telling him my whole situation.

I asked him where I was.

”Hmm… how should I describe it? ” Lets see… you are now standing on a lost island situated northwest of near human civilization. I don remember the name of the country…


A loud sound from my stomach interrupted our talk and embarrassed me to no end. It reminded me that I hadn eaten anything since I drank.

…!! Oh! Where are my manners? I forgot to offer you something to eat.

Heres a … for you.

As he said those things, a whole new table full of tasty food appeared out of thin air.

”Don mind me if I do!! ”

To be continued…

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