[TL: A new volume and arc begins! Just FYI, the previous one is, so far, the shortest that the author has written for this story, so you can expect way more chapters before the next volume begins.]

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 ”Well said, Zamasu.”
 ”This much is nothing for this Me~, zamasu.”

   Back in his private chambers, minister Dowal and Zamasu were laughing merrily together.

   ”But to think of making it out of wood.
It’s true that the value of wood is hard to understand.
The budget can go either way.”
 ”Uhihihihi, the difference here is how you make it seem believable.”

   Tapping his head with his finger, Zamasu replied with a triumphant look.
“Hmm”, Dowal says, concerned about what he said.

   Actually, things such as stone and metals often rely on regulated products, and the value can be largely predicted to some extent.
On the other hand, when it comes to wood, the types of wood vary greatly, and unless you are very familiar with it, you won’t properly understand the value of it.
 In addition, this time around there’s that thing about Wirk.
Wirk also demanded from the beginning that the stadium be rebuilt.
However, that cost was presented as 100 billion Corz, an eye-popping amount from Dowal’s point of view.
 The king was also of the same mind.
On the contrary, this cost is between 1 and 2 billion, and so it is easier to convince him that this is cheap.

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   ”Make sure you adjust the estimate.”
 ”Of course, though don’t forget the share for this Me~, zamasu.”
 ”I know.
But, can you really manage it with wood? That’s the only thing I’m worried about…”

   Though they were thinking of a devious scheme, there was still the Grand Festival of Sorcery, so they naturally needed it’s outward appearance to be within limits.
It would also be useless if it couldn’t maintain a minimum level of durability.

   ”Leave it to me, zamasu.
Besides, zamasu.
Think about it, zamasu.
When you think of houses, there are wooden houses, zamasu.
But do the houses collapse easily, zamasu? Does the roof fall easily, zamasu?”
 ”Yeaaah~, now that you mention it, certainly…”
 ”Right, zamasu? Think of the stadium like a house, just a little bigger, zamasu.”
 ”I see, that’s certainly the case!”
 ”Right, zamasu!”

   Thus, Dowal easily accepted it.
However, architecture would naturally not let you get away with such simplistic logic.
 But Dowal apparently didn’t realise this, which is probably why he so easily accepted the wheedling of an architect like Zamasu, who is also an infamous corrupt tradesman.

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       ”I see it!”

   There was a bit of ship-rescuing along the way, but after that the ship made good progress, and the intended island came into view.
It’s a splendidly big island.
 Now then, next we need to find a place to go ashore but, yeah.
Seems there’s a nice sandy beach.
If that’s the case, we can bring the ship there.
 Then the ship came near the beach, and we managed to land on the beach.
 The magic construction ship was originally something made by the transforming machine.
Once on land, it’s fine to just change it back into a bracelet.

   ”Well now then, let’s go for a short walk.”
 ”Uni is right, huh.
For now, want to ride on my shoulder?”

   I set him on my shoulder and he gladly rode on it.
Uni’s stride is small in comparison, so if you want to walk, it’s better to do it this way.

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 Besides, the fairy Uni is also light.
It’s almost no burden to carry him on my shoulder.

   ”Then let’s go.”

   I walk while carrying Uni.
I think we’ll need to live on this island for now, but I can’t see any sign of people.
Seems like an undeveloped island.
 After going up a hill from the beach, we came to a plain surrounded by forest.
After further exploration, I understood the surrounding terrain for now.

   ”All right, this place seems good.”

   I decided to use a part of the plains as a base to stay from now on.
I also found a river.
If it’s here, the seaside won’t be far either.
 The place’s conditions weren’t bad.
However, people still need a house to live in.
 I could assemble one from scratch using wood, but I have something stored in the dimensional warehouse just for this occasion.
 I took a small house from the bracelet and placed it on the ground.
From a glance, it seems like a house miniature, and Uni pokes me from on top of my shoulder.

   ”Uni, it’s dangerous, so let’s move away.”

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   Take some distance, then turn towards the tiny house, and call out “restore”.
Right after, the house that was small quickly enlarged to a size enough for Uni and I to live in.
 Or should I say, it was now returned to its original size? This is a magic prefab I developed.
It is possible to change its molecular structure due to architectural techniques, and as a result, it can be reduced to the miniature size that it was before.
It can also turn back at will.
 This prefab was originally created as an architecture office during architectural construction work.
It also has architectural techniques which interfere with the mana running in the ground, which anchors it so that it is bound to the ground, making it extremely stable.

   ”Shall we go in and have a look?”

   I check the inside of the prefab with Uni.
Although I called it a prefab, it’s equipped with the bare minimum facilities.
It has a kitchen, and is also furnished with a bath and toilet.
 The bedroom also has a soft bed.
I didn’t actually think something like this would ever happen, but my master told me to be ready to leave the country at any moment, so I had prepared accordingly.

   ”With this, housing won’t be a problem.”

   Now, next is…

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