I returned to the prefab and went into the underground workshop.
This prefab incorporates a lot of my architectural techniques.
It can alter its shape to some extent.
 I made a long and narrow groove there in the manufacturing room.
Then I poured the sap I extracted from the logs into it.
With this, the preparations are done.
Here we go.
 ”Architectural Technique・Material Processing…”

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 The architectural technique was set.
This caused the sap to start spinning at high speed.
Incidentally, my master once told me that the base of architectural techniques was alchemy.
From there, I turned it into a large-scale architectural technique.
 Since the base is alchemy, as long as there are materials, it is easy to process them into the desired form.
Of course, you would need to understand it well.
 Now then, the sap that had started spinning gradually took on a cylindrical shape.
 ”Alright, it’s done.”
 Thus, a magnificent pipe was made in the workshop’s groove.
The inside is fully hollowed out.
I gave it a knock and found no problems with its strength.
The joints were also made at the same time.
Each pipe is 4 meters, but it can be cut and used as needed.
 I also got the joints in various L and T shapes.
The vinyl pipes and joints make use of mana joining, which works by joining then closely together by manipulating mana.
 ”The thin one is the water supply pipe and the thick one is the drainage pipe.”
 Uni nods in understanding.
The water supply pipe is 25mm and the drainage pipe is 50mm.
The drainage pipes ar thicker than the water suply pipes because they flow along a natural gradient.
The diameter of both pipes will be reduced when they go into the prefab.
 For the sewage pathway, I also made inspection boxes at the same time.
It’ll be placed at fixed intervals at a calculated slope.
 Now then, next is to dig up some of the soil and bury the pipes, but before that, there’s something we need to do.
A geological survey.
Can I leave it to you?”
 Then Uni placed his hands on the ground, and a bluish-white light spread out.
Uni is a fairy blessed by the earth.
That’s why he can channel magic power to examine the geological features.
 There are ways to do it without Uni, but Uni is more reliable.

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 ”I see, that’s good.”
 I got Uni’s approval.
Now there won’t be any problems burying the pipes.
I changed the bracelet into a magic excavator.
It’s a magic vehicle with an arm like frame and a basket-shaped bucket attached at its end.
The wheel section has a continuous track, which uses a grooved belt wrapped around the wheels.
 This bucket part is like the mouth of a magic beast, and is used to dig up the ground.
It also has a feature that allows it to change into various shapes via sorcery techniques.
For no particular reason, it’s my favourite magic construction machine, one I’d call heavy machinery.
 Well, there isn’t really any heavy machinery I hate.
 ”The route will be like this for now.
Uni can connect and bury the pipes once I’ve dug.”
 Uni clenched his fists cutely and made a “Gu-” sound, full of vigour.
And then an Uni-lookalike clone rose from the ground.
This is Uni’s specialty magic.
And this is also precisely why Uni alone was enough help when doing everything in the royal capital.
 The heavy machinery will excavate the ground with a clanging sound, and Uni and the clones will lay the pipes.
As we were thinking about that — the ground rises up with a pop, and immediately after, cute creatures suddenly show their faces.
 ”Mogu mogu~!”
 Uhh, this creature is a mole, or a monster…

 [TL: And with this, we have reached 10 chapters! I’ll be switching to a 3-day schedule for now; I need to catch up on some work, so it can’t be helped.
I’ll change it to 2 days if I have the freedom to do so]

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