br> However, the earthworm is tenacious.
It’s still jumping about despite being severed.
This type is a nuisance when it comes to civil engineering works.
Just when I thought of cleaning up, the ground rose up further and several gigantic earthworms appeared.

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 The moles screamed out.
Uni also seemed to feel in danger.
 Then the earthworms surrounded my magic excavator in the blink of an eye.
I see, it’s a game of numbers.
 ”But this is great! Taste my excavator!”
 I move the arm by operating the lever, and quickly grab one of them with the fork.
This excavator is able to swing 360 degrees.
 With the earthworm in my grasp, I took advantage of this feature and spun the excavator at high speed.
The caught earthworm was swung along with the rotating tornado-like fork.
 ”This is the Excavator Swing!”
 By swinging the gigantic earthworm around, the other earthworms got caught up in it and got knocked away.
I confirmed that the giant earthworms fell to the ground with a loud thud and collapsed, then severed the earthworm in my grasp.
 In order to further crush the earthworms’ lives, the bucket went from fork mode to crusher mode.
Transformed into something similar to a dragon’s head, this mode has more crushing power.
Like a dragon feeding on its prey, it bites into the worm’s body and destroys them one by one.
 ”What’d you think of the power of my architectural magic heavy machinery!”
 I got somewhat hyped up and went around thoroughly crushing the earthworms.
No, I’m not some kind of crazy trigger-happy guy.
 Earthworm-type monsters have high vitality, so if you don’t kill them properly, their bodies might regenerate and attack again.

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 That’s why I completely exterminated the earthworms.
And this earthworm also had a magic stone.
 [TL: Scene ends here.
He defeated the earthworms, saving the moles.
He also got low quality magic stones from the earthworms.]
 The quality isn’t that high, but magic stones are quite valuable, so I’ll make sure to take it.
 Now then, with this the earthworms are defeated.
We’ll have to start the discussion with the moles once again, or so I thought.
 ”””””Mogu~♪ mogu~♪”””””
 For some reason, the moles had encircled me and were dancing in a circle.
 ”Erh, what’s going on?”
 ”Uni~ uni-! Unyu~”
 ”Mogu-! Mogu~”
 Hmm, what I understood from what Uni told me is that apparently, these moles seem thankful towards me for saving them.
 So that was why they were dancing… what cute moles they are…

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