and intently stared this way.
This is probably a good time.
 ”Actually, I’ve been thinking about something.”
 ”””””Mogu mogu~?”””””
 Keon and the moles looked this way with faces that asked “what, what?”.
These fluffy guys are so cute.
 Now then, I’ll have a talk with the Armed Golem.
 ”I’m sure I’d win if we kept fighting like this.
But I’ve actually taken a liking to you.
You’re a golem that has collected that much equipment.
So you have enough will to do so, right?”
 The armour on the way here didn’t seem to have a clear will, even if it could move freely.
But this guy collected this much discarded equipment.
To have the necessary power to make that possible, one could say that a reasonable amount of will is likely.
 If that’s the case, I thought it was worth it to talk with him.

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 He didn’t seem to reply, but he no longer feels like he intends to oppose us.
 ”If you want, you could sign a contract with me? I’m in need of a bit of armour.[TL: Probably intended for it to sound like “I need some muscle”, meaning he needs some brawn.] Of course, if you sign a contract with me, I’ll properly take care of you, ok?”
 Then I waited for the other party’s response.
Then the golem nodded its head in approval.
Apparently, it seems he felt like signing a contract with me.
 Somehow, I felt a little sorry that he was just abandoned here and would have ended like that in vain.
That’s why I made that offer.
Of course, I didn’t do it without thinking of any gains.
 I figured this golem could be useful as a guard golem.
It’s a dangerous area.
Even if we put up a wall, we’d also need something to take on that role.
 ”Alright, then let’s sign it!”
 The golem nodded his reply with a click-clack.
After that, the materials that made up its body returned.
 In addition, the contract completed.
With this, my familiars increased again.
 ”I’ll be counting on you from now on.”
 Although he gave a short reply while nodding his head, he seemed a little happy.
 Now, next is a name…

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 ”Now, I think I should give you a name but…”
 I thought the golem had an expectant look on his face for some reason.
Then I thought for a bit on what name to choose.
 ”Ok, your name is Kobelco! What’d you think?” [TL: Yet another construction equipment company pun name…]
 ”Go-! Go-!”
 Kobelco raised both his arms and stomped his feet, seemingly happy.
Good, he seems to like it.
 ”Koo~ koo~”
 ”Mogu mogu♪”
Everyone’s welcoming Kobelco.
Anyways, now we got the guard golem Kobelco!

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