tored in the dimensional warehouse.
 Inside here is a bit of a kitchen, and if it’s something simple, then cooking is possible.
 There’s also water filled in a tank inside.
I immediately grilled the Tyrannosaurus meat on a frying pan.
This time, I left the bone on and cooked it through such that the bone was pierced through the center of the meat.
[TL: typical “manga meat”, the comical meat you see in cartoons]

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 ”Alright, that’ll give it a wild finish.”
 ”Mogu mogu♪”
 ”Mogyu- mogyu-”
 Uni and the moles’ drool was dripping out.
Keon was also shaking a lot.
 Then I gave Kani some stored-away fruit.
The dimensional warehouse is very convenient for keeping things since time doesn’t pass in there.
 ”‘Right, let’s eat.”
 ”Mogu~ mogyu~”

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 When I placed the bone-in meat on the plate, they happily jumped on it.
I thought it might be a bit big, but Uni and the moles were happily munching away on the meat.
 Keon took the meat into it’s body, huh.
But the bone-in meat wasn’t absorbed immediately, and instead floated about in its semi-transparent body.
 I think Keon was really happy.
Perhaps, it was maybe deliberately absorbing the meat slowly in order to taste it more.
 Kani was crunching on an apple.
It’s officially a Gapple, but calling it an apple is fine too.
 Then, I took the bone in my hand and really bit into the meat.
As my teeth dug into the meat, I felt it push back a bit.
The meat has a certain springiness left and is satisfying to eat.
 There’s also a lot of meat juices and the only seasoning used is salt and pepper, yet you can fully experience the deliciousness of the ingredients.
 Hmm, the Tyrannosaurus meat is chewier than the long-necked dragon meat.
For those that like to thoroughly chew the meat and taste it, this way may be more to their liking.
 Well, either one is good.
 By the way, it seems the golem Kobelco doesn’t eat.
However, once it was done eating, as Keon moved around while clinging to Kobelco’s body, its steel body became shiny.
 Apparently, Keon is also able to remove dirt.
 With this, Kobelco also seemed glad.
Unexpectedly, the promise to take care of him was fulfilled.
 But I can’t get tired of looking at the mana spring.
It’s a really mystical scene…

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