nsidered important for magic architecture to be in harmony with nature.
This is because it’s believed that mana, which is important for magic architecture, develops when it is nurtured along with nature.
 That’s why, as a magic arhitect, I was taught about these things.
The word “architecture” is often associated with the destruction of nature, but we choose to let nature remain, and choose what to build and how to build it.
 ”Hm, I understand now.
It seems there was apparently a misunderstanding.
My apologies.
And what a refreshing feeling! Thank you!”
 ”Mogu mogu~”
 Phew, I’m glad she’s convinced.
I’m sure everyone is also relieved.
 ”This guy also feels nice and cool~”
 The Bamboo Princess was stroking Keon’s head this time, making him feel good.
That’s good to know.

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 ”And you have a nice, sturdy body.”
 When the Bamboo Princess praised Kobelco and stroked his armour, he took a pose and made his armour shine.
 ”By the way, Bamboo Princess-sama.”
 ”Just Bamboo Princess is fine.”
 ”Then Bamboo Princess.
Now that that discussion is over, is it ok to take this cut bamboo? I don’t think I should leave it here like this, so if you don’t mind…”
 I said various things, but it’s also true that I want the bamboo.
Bamboo is useful for all sorts of things.
 Then the Bamboo Princess cutely thought “hmmm~”…
 ”Then I have one request.”
 ”A request?”
 Apparently the Bamboo Princess has something to ask.
Well, what is it?
 ”I want you to take Me with you!”
 ”Eh? You want to come with me?”
 This girl came out from within the bamboo, moreover, she wants to come with me.
Hmm, but…

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 ”Well, don’t you need to be close to that silver bamboo? Or rather, why?”
 ”As long as that bamboo is there, there’s no problem.
It’s fine if I just come to check on it occasionally.
The reason is, because I am curious.
In the first place, I was bored of being in the bamboo all the time.
With you, there might be new discoveries and fluffiness!”
 While replying, the bamboo princess was stroking Uni.
Does she like fluffy things?
 ”””””Mogu~ mogyu mo~gu~”””””
 Then everyone snuggled close to me as though they were pleading.
Seems they took a liking to the Bamboo Princess.
There certainly aren’t any bad kids who like fluffy things.”
You know it well!”
 The Bamboo Princess seems to agree with me.
I’ve got no reason to refuse her now.
 ”All right.
Then will you come with me?”
 ”Yep! Take care of me!”
 And so we have one more friend.
Or should I say we’ve found an islander, although I’m not sure, but I’ve finally gotten to know someone that looks similar to me.
 I’ve also gotten the bamboo to use as material.
Now it’s time to get to work! Let’s quickly get on with the development!

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