Kobelco might have to play an active role in various ways.
 ”I will also help-noja! Build a fortress that reaches to the moon-noja!”
 ”No, that’s actually a bit too much to ask for…”

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 Asking for it to reach the moon is obviously absurd.
If it became like that, it would end up being a tower, not a fortress.
No, I think even a tower would be absurd.
 But it’s good to have a goal.
Ok, let’s keep up the pace!
 While Wirk was steadily building up a base on the island from which he had been exiled, demolition work was also progressing in the kingdom, the exact opposite of what Work is currently doing, which is destroying what he had built.
 And this was the day after the stratum stabilisers that had been installed in the kingdom had been removed —
 A great tremor came during the night, one that the kingdom had not felt for some time.
People all over the kingdom jumped up and panicked at the great earthquake, as if a giant had stomped their foot.
 It was, of course, the same in the palace—
 ”What the h**l is going on! Why’s there suddenly an earthquake!”
 ”Calm down, Your Majesty.
It’s a natural phenomenon, and We can’t do anything about it.”
 ”But this has never happened before!”
 ”Just because it hasn’t happened before is no reason why it wouldn’t happen today.
Anyway, right now we are mobilising all the soldiers in the royal capital to check the damage, so please wait a little while—”

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 Then after a short while, the knight captain that was hurriedly appointed as the Head of Disaster Response came to report the damage.
 ”As a result of our checks, there are no casualties in the royal capital.”
 ”Th-, that’s good to hear.”
 The king and the assembled ministers sighed with relief when they heard this.
However, the report that followed was problematic.
 ”-no casualties occurred — but the roads have caved in in various places, and the city walls have sustained a lot of damage.
In addition, both the water and the sewage pipes were damaged at the same time that the roads caved in.
There are currently leaks in many parts of the capital.
Furthermore, the smell of sewage is rising and the terrible odour is covering the city.
The stench is quite bad, and if we’re unlucky, it’s possible that it would spread throughout the city.
On top of that, there are various complaints from residents that their magic lights don’t work, and there are other-”
It’s true that the kingdom’s citizen’s weren’t seriously injured.
However, the problems in other areas were far too large.
This earthquake caused large damage particularly to the infrastructure, and by the next morning, the smell of sewage had drifted to the palace.
 This was also largely due to the careless work done by the craftsmen Dowal had arranged, but—
 ”Tsk, it stinks! Do something about it quickly!” (King)
 ”Y-, yes.
For the time being, the royal sorcerers are moving to scatter the odour with wind magic.
As for the water supply and sewage pipes, and the wall, we’ll have the Abane group move-” (Dowal)
 ”That’s not good enough! Do you understand! The management committee for the Grand Festival of Sorcery will be here soon! What happens if they see us in this situation!” (King)
 ”Ku-” (Dowal)
 Dowal’s expression cramped up at the king’s anger.
Even if they hurried now, they wouldn’t be in time.
However, the arrival of the management committee members was approaching moment by moment.
 Dowal must’ve thought, “this isn’t how it’s supposed to be”, while scratching at his head.
However, they still didn’t realise.
That this was just the prologue to what would lead to the collapse of the kingdom…

 [TL: Dun dun dun! The first of the consequences have passed! Also, please let me know what you think of all the “-noja”’s and such.
I feel like this chapter showed the changes up- and downsides quite well]

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