However, after saying only what he needed to, he began striking the iron once more.
These guys wouldn’t be moving from this workshop at all.
 ”Uurgh, I really hate it! It’s really inconvenient around here! How far are we from the river! And it’s so hot because of the lava!”

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 Eph was frustrated.
Lava veins were spread all over this mountain.
She wanted to ask, “why live in such a place?”, but it had to do with the dwarves’ obsession.
 The dwarves use this lava as a natural furnace.
Meaning, the iron is melted in the lava.
 The lava flowing in this area is characterised by its high temperature of around 1600 degrees.
 The dwarves had no doubt that the blessings of this lava would lead to the creation of the ultimate equipment.
 They were so particular that they even used low-temperature lava for quenching.
[TL: That is not how quenching works.
No wonder your things are failing XD]
 However, Eph had serious doubts as to whether this was the right thing to do.
 ”Ara, princess-sama is going on about such things again.” (random dwarven woman)
 When Eph left the workshop, she was approached by a dwarven woman.
The most common people she meets outside are women, as dwarven men stay indoors all the time, hammering iron.
 ”It would be nice if King Jay could do something other than just hammering iron, wouldn’t it?” (random dwarven woman)
But no matter how much I tell him, he just won’t listen.”
 Jay was not only Eph’s parent, but also the king of the dwarves.
However, he doesn’t seem to be doing anything particularly parental or even kingly, which is why she usually complains even in front of Eph, the princess.
His daughter, Eph, is incessantly dissatisfied, which is only natural.
 ”Seriously, if that’s how it’s going to be, then I wish he’d at least make a house…”
 ”It hurts to hear such.” (random dwarven woman)
 At present, the dwarves have simple dwellings.
They use a space made by digging a hole in the side of the mountain.
 But it’s hot here, as the mountain is constantly flowing with lava.
And because of the lava, there’s no water nearby.

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 In the end, to fetch a single drop of water, you have to go down the mountain, all the way to the river, fetch the water, and then come back.
It is a very primitive way of life.
 For Eph, the only good thing is the natural hot springs.
That’s why they don’t have any trouble with baths.
 After talking to some female dwarves, Eph pulled the cart to the intended hole.
The dwarves’ failed products are always dumped in this hole.
 They found it convenient because when they dumped it there, the discarded items would disappear before they knew it.
 But that was nothing more than the influence of mana, which made them move around on their own.
 ”Haa, next I have to fetch water, huh…”
 After returning for a short bit, Eph started moving towards the river with a large bottle on her back.
Dwarven women are also very strong, even though Eph is very young in appearance.
An ordinary human wouldn’t be able to hold a candle to Eph, even if ten common humans worked together.
 It happened on the way down the mountain.
On a hill overlooking the foot of the mountain, Eph saw something strange.
 ”Eh? Eh? Why’s there a wall put up there? And also, what’s that I see over there… no ways, a fortress!?”
 Yes, it was a wall and a fortress.
But nothing like that had existed there until recently.
 And then Eph, the Dwarven Princess, thought to herself.
“Why was a wall built in such a place,and why was even a fortress built there?”.
As a result, Eph came up with the following answer.
 ”N-, no way, there’s invaders on the island!”

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