r> ”— visitors?” (Jay)
 He stopped swinging his hammer, and gave me a glare.
Then he suddenly stood up and threw some iron ore toward my feet from a huge pile next to him.
 ”Let me see you hammering.
I won’t give my daughter to some b*****d that can’t even hit iron.” (Jay)
 ”Papa, what are you talking about all of a sudden! You’re an idiot!” (Eph)
 Eph’s face turned deep red.
B-, but that’s a really sudden, grand misunderstanding.
 ”Mu-, b*****d, you’re human, huh?” (Jay)
 Then Jay’s eyebrows rose and he looked at me suspiciously as he asked.
 ”Eh? Yes.
That’s right.
Nice to meet you, my name’s Wirk.”

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 So I responded accordingly.
The other party is the king, so I have to behave in a respectful manner.
A human has some nerve to put his hand on the daughter of a dwarf.
You hear me? I have no intention of giving my daughter to a human!”
 ”Giving me or not giving me, that’s completely different from what I’m talking about, idiot!” (Eph)
 Eph repeatedly hit his back while complaining.
It was a serious misunderstanding, yet somehow that’s cute.
 ”What, you didn’t grab the guy?” (Jay)
 ”That’s not what I said!” (Eph)
 ”Then what is this guy? Why’s there humans on this island?” (Jay)
 He took an imposing stance and glared at me.
This wariness of humans is strongly different from Eph’s…
 ”Uhm, there’s actually some circumstances.” (Wirk)
 ”Wait — that’s a brownie over there, isn’t it?” (Jay)
 ”Uni-?” (Uni)
 Jay commanded with his hand, and turned his attention to Uni right next to me.

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 ”This child is Uni-nanoja!”
 ”Huh? There was a human child here too?” (Jay)
 ”Not human! I’m the Bamboo Princess-nanoja!”
 ”Bamboo Princess?” (Jay)
 Then the Bamboo Princess picked up Uni and joined the conversation.
The dwarven king was blinking in surprise.
 ”That’s why I said, listen to my explanation first, urgh.” (Eph)
 The frowning Eph told him so, admonishing him.
Then the dwarf snorted and replied.
Can’t be helped.
I’m busy here, but I’ll give you a moment of my time.” (Jay)
 Thus, the dwarven king was willing to listen.
However, Eph said that he didn’t do anything as a father for her, yet listening to their conversation, he seemed to care about Eph as a father.
 However, just as rumoured, Dwarves seem hard to please.
Well then, let’s see if we can have a proper talk…

 [TL: I would like to petition to shorten the Bamboo Princess’s name, but the obvious abbreviations and acronyms don’t seem good.
Any ideas?]

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