te hot in here, but the humidity is low, so the air’s nice and dry.

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 I received the tea and after drinking it, the heat miraculously lessened.
Everyone also drank the delicious tea.
It’s good tea-nanoja!” (Bamboo Princess)
 ”Haha, I’m glad you’re pleased with it.
Now, since you’ve calmed down, let’s move on to our previous talk.” (Sten)
 Sten began talking, so we straightened our backs and listened.
 ”Like I was saying, it’s not a big deal.
It’s when Jay was still young, that guy’s father — in other words, the previous king, was known as Dingus.” (Sten) [TL: Yes, that’s the guy’s name.
I feel like the author is just laughing right now.
I think I’ll go check if this was posted on April 1st…]
 Sten began explaining.
When they were in the kingdom, Dingus was the one that gathered together all the dwarves.
By the way, Sten was quite close with his mother Hoal, in other words, Eph’s grandmother.
[TL: I admit, that name is rude too, but Dingus wasn’t as rude as this.
The pun is Hoal = Hole.]
 ”Dingus’s skill was good, and he certainly got a lot of jobs.
However, around that time, the things magic architects made were starting to make a name for themselves.
At that time, the dwarves that were entrusted with constructing buildings felt a sense of impending crisis.” (Sten)
 I see.
Now that you mention it, I might have heard my master say this as well.
 ”Especially since it came to the point where magic architects were entrusted to supervise the large-scale construction sites.” (Sten)

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 ”Erh~, but that means that magic architects had superior skills, doesn’t it?” (Eph)
 Eph cut into the conversation.
As far as I can tell, we’re talking about a generation even before my master, and off the top of my head, it might even be the founders of magic architecture.
 The significance of magic architecture and its history is still shallow.
I’m only the fourth generation.
 ”Haha, it’s exactly as you say.
But the dwarven men were egoistic.
And on a technical level, they saw humans as being far below them.
The dwarven men believed without a doubt that they were number one when it came to making things.
That’s why they couldn’t forgive them.
As a result, the previous king challenged the magic architects.
They compared techniques.
And they lost by a landslide.” (Sten)
 They lost in a contest… in other words, does that mean he has a grudge against magic architects because of that?
 ”Wait a minute.
Don’t tell me he can’t accept Wirk because they lost a match? But that’s not very mature, that’s just snapping back.” (Eph)
 Eph said that, as though matching my thoughts.
Sorry dwarves, but I think the same.
If you’re both serious about the contest, then you should be content with the result.
 ”It’s as Eph-chan says.
It’s completely foolish.
And also, the magic architects approved of the dwarves’ techniques.
They said that, instead of competing, they’d like to cooperate, in order to show a level of architectural techniques even higher.
However, Dingus couldn’t accept this.
I was watching the competition, but the magic architect Steing shouted that the magic architects cheated and that he couldn’t accept the loss.” (Sten) [TL: Yet another name that I cant figure out.
Apparently it can be translated as “sting”, but who knows.
I just hope he doesn’t show up later, so that this won’t matter]
 He couldn’t accept the loss… on the dwarves’ side?

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