going to do this, you might as well do so thoroughly.
Besides, sometimes people don’t understand unless someone tells them.” (Sten)
 Sten nodded “yeah, yeah” with a smile.
She’s a senior, but she’s really calm.
I can feel the dignity.
But she looks like a little girl.
 ”By the way, there’s something important we need to talk about before that…” (Sten)
 ”Huh? Wh-, what could that be?” (Wirk)
 Sten faced us with a serious gaze and started talking.
What on earth is she going to say…
 ”Those cute children, could I pet them for a bit?” (Sten)
 …is what I was thinking when she said she wanted to stroke the others.
Naturally, there’s no problem, so do so to your heart’s content.
 ”Fufu, when I first saw them, and this coat, and this nice and cool body—” (Sten)

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 ”Mogu mogu♪”
 When Sten got to stroke everyone, they were all happy.
Before long, Eph and the Bamboo Princess couldn’t resist stroking them either.
Kobelco was also in a good mood as he was complimented for his fine body.
 Then, after having let her enjoy everyone’s fluffiness as thanks, we once again headed to Jay’s workshop.
 ”It’s the human from earlier, huh.
If you’re looking for boss, he’s not her.”
 … but Jay was no longer in the workshop.
Apparently the other dwarves call the king “boss”.
 ”In the first place, why’s a human aimlessly here being a hindrance.
This is dwarven sacred grounds!”
 ”Hey, you can’t talk to him like that! Wirk is a precious human that expressly came to this island!” (Eph)
 ”Sorry, missy, but if we didn’t ask for it, then that’s unrelated to us.”
 Eph pursed her lips with a huff.
However, somehow or other, I got the feeling that we’re not welcome here.
 ”You’ve been diligently blacksmithing all this time, but what exactly are you making?” (Wirk)

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 — is what I said, as I was also interested in the dwarves’ work, so I asked.
Jay was in a bad mood earlier, so I couldn’t really do so then.
 ”I told you, I don’t need to answer a human.”
 — but the other dwarves were the same.
They stubbornly refused us.
Well, then we just need to change our approach.
 ”Is that so.
Well, if that’s so, it’s fine, but I think it’s impossible to make anything in this environment.
You guys are stepping into some fundamental mistakes.
If you continued like this, whether you spend a hundred years or a thousand years, you’d never be able to build the equipment you aim for.
It’s definitely a waste of time.” (Wirk)
 When I said this, the dwarves’ working hands stopped.
They all stood up together and came here with a fierce look.
 ”B*****d, the likes of a human thinks he can find fault with our work!”
 ”If you keep that up, we’ll make sure to deal with you!”
 ”Don’t think you can provoke us and go home in one piece!”
 ”H-, hey, was it fine to say that?” (Bamboo Princess)
 ”U-, unii~”
 Seeing the dwarven craftsmen drawing nearer, everyone seemed to panic.
Sure, they seem quite mad, but I wonder if we’ll have a chance to talk now…

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