The Exiled Royal Architect Develops An Island With Magic Construction Equipment And Fluffy Animals

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NomAsh5-6 minutes 04.03.2022


 The next morning, as the light of dawn broke, we began our work.
Kobelco did his best till late last night.
 Thanks to that, the slinging was perfect.
As thanks, Keon and I gave Kobelco’s steel body a nice polish.

   ”Good morning~, you’re really early, huh.” (Eph)
We’re going to move the crane today.
After all, we’re going to move slower than usual.” (Wirk)

   Moving with a magic reverberatory furnace suspended from a crane is in fact not the same as moving a normal magic work vehicle.
 We won’t even get out half the speed.
I assume there’s no problems with the road, but Uni and the moles also need to check along the way if the road hasn’t loosened.
 When monsters and magic beasts attack, this time we’ll also need everyone’s cooperation.

   ”It’s fine if there’s anything I can do, but…” (Eph)
 ”If anything, I’d like if Eph could save us without fail.
It’s possible we’ll be attacked on the way while transporting this.” (Wirk)
 ”R-, right! Of course, when that happens, I’ll fight too! Are there any weapons?”

   Eph asked so.
I didn’t bring anything like that with me when we jumped out the house.
But then naturally, I took that into consideration when I made that request.

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   ”Look at this.
The crane truck is equipped with water hose equipment.” (Wirk)

   Next to the crane part there’s a space with enough room for someone to get on, and there’s a water hose with a grip attached there.
The grip has a button that, when pressed, releases the water.

   ”Ehm, a water hose is the thing that lets out water.
But, is something like that a weapon?” (Eph)
 ”Right—” (Wirk)

   I saw the trees growing nearby.
I’ll need to cut down some trees.

   ”These trees need to be cut down, so they’ll do.
Aim the hose at these trees.” (Wirk)

   I’ve already adjusted the pressure, so it should be able to be used at a high enough pressure for battle.

   ”Got it.
I’ll give it a try.” (Eph)

   Then Eph gripped the grip, and turned around to aim at the targeted trees we decided on.

   ”Here I go!” (Eph)

   Then the water under Eph’s control came spurting out in one go.

   — Shuba-!

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   ”Huh?” (Eph)

   The water hose first opened a hole in the trees, then with a shake of its head, the trees got a cut as though it was cut with a sharp blade, and then fell.

This should at least drive them away.” (Wirk)
 ”No, no, it’s more than enough! What’s this scary thing!” (Eph)

   Eph shouted so.
Huh? Is it really so?

   That said, it couldn’t cut through anything and everything so quick and simple, so let’s first set it to the mode that lets fly a lump of water.
 Unless it’s a monster that clearly means us harm, or things like materials and food ingredients we need, then we shouldn’t needlessly cause harm.

   ”Fumu, that, I’d like to try too!” (Bamboo Princess)
 ”Of course, I can’t have one person do it all the time, so Eph and the Bamboo Princess can take turns.” (Wirk)
 ”Umu, you can count on me-noja!” (Bamboo Princess)
 ”I’ll also do my best!” (Eph)

   With this, it’s fine if I leave the water hose to those two.

   ”Then, let’s get going.” (Wirk)
 ”Right!” (Eph)

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   Kobelco was in high spirits.

 ”Mogu mogu!”

   Uni and the moles also linked arms in a circle enthusiastically.
By the way, just in case, everyone was wearing a helmet.

   ”Then let’s depart!” (Wirk)
 ”Umu!” (Bamboo Princess)

   Kani and Keon also seemed to say “good luck”.
Kani put up barriers for everyone.
Keon was healing.
Keon’s nice and cool wiggling body felt nice.
The Bamboo Princess was also in a good mood because she was hugging Keon.
 Then, with the magic reverberatory furnace lifted up, we began moving.

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 The magic crane truck moved forward with a heavy “gogogogogogogo” sound.
Since it’s obviously heavy, the tires sank into the ground slightly.
 In the front, Uni and the moles were examining the ground.
Basically, they were riding with Eph while doing their checks.
 Kobelco stayed ahead while looking at the state of the slinging.
Basically, we were moving to match Kobelco’s walking.
 Speed-wise, it was quite the marathon.
It was correct to leave in the morning.
We also didn’t run into any monsters or magic beasts early in the morning.


   Then when it was approaching the middle of the morning, the monsters moved out more and more.
Several wolf monsters appeared and surrounded the crane truck I’m driving.

 ”””””Mogu~! Mogu-!”””””

   But Kobelco, Uni and the moles were able to drive them away.
It seems that, at this level, the water hose isn’t needed.
 Yep, yep.
Everyone’s so reliable.
Thanks to them, I could concentrate on driving the crane truck.


   or so I thought, bu then a wild boar monster charged forward.
It seemed to have quite some force behind it.

   ”Leave it to me!”

   This time, Eph operated the water hose equipment and fired a water bullet.
The boar was blown back by the flying bullet of water, its eyes rolling about in their sockets after it had fallen unconscious.
Kobelco gently set it aside, then kept moving.

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