to this place, may he enter?”
You’re very light on your feet, huh.
Very well then, I’ll hear what he has to say.”
 ”Then I’ll do so promptly.”
 Then Dowal brought a single architect before the king.
 ”I give my thanks for this meeting, zamasu.
This Me~ is the magnificent architect Zamasu Zamasu.”
 ”Zamasu Zamasu?”
 ”Zamasu Zamasu.”
 The king frowned at the peculiar introduction.
He turned toward Dowal with a look that said “And is he really alright?”.
 ”This Zamasu is a man who claims to be a world-class architect.”

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 ”Is that so?”
 ”To tell you the truth, it’s no exaggeration to say this Me~ worked on that well-known famous Leaning Tower of Pizza, Palace of the Dragon King and Lapita Castle, zamasu.”
 ”What! You worked on those!”
 The king was quite surprised.
Certainly, the Palace of the Dragon King and the Leaning Tower of Pizza are quite famous buildings.
However, these are extremely ancient ruins, and it is hard to believe that Zamasu worked on them.
Not to mention, Lapita is a fabled castle in the sky, which no one even knows if it really exists or not.
In other words, there was a problem before he even claimed to have worked on it, yet he was apparently convincing.
 ”There will be no problem if you leave it to this Me~, zamasu.
I have already designed a new stadium to replace that stale, dilapidated stadium, zamasu.”
 ”What, already!”
Zamasu, may we have a look?”
 ”Of course, zamasu.”
 Then the minister called in soldiers, who unfolded an image of the new kingdom stadium that Zamasu prepared.
 ”O-, oh, is it this? So, what in the world is this thing?”
 ”Boldly! Nature and harmony, zamasu!”
 ”Nature and harmony?”
 As the king tilted his head to the side slightly, Zamasu proudly explained.
 ”This time’s special feature, is that it’s all made of wood!”
 ”What, made of wood!?”
 The king stood up with a shocked expression and shouted.
 ”You’re saying you can make a stadium of this degree with some dumb wood?”
 ”If it is this Me~, then with leeway, zamasu.”

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 The king took his seat with a squeak, and folded his arms.
 ”However, why bother with wood?”
 ”It is in order to appeal to the world.”
 The minister Dowal replied.
The king’s eyes went round.
The Grand Festival of Sorcery attracts a wide variety of races from around the world.
Among those that come would of course be the elves from that nature-loving continent.
Races such as them prefer materials taken straight from nature as opposed to stone and iron.
Hence this! The elves will certainly be delighted with this!”
As expected of you, Dowal! All right, you’re hired, so get started right away!”
 ”Yes! As you wish!”
 Thus as he bowed before the king who’s mood had been improved, Dowal secretly chuckled to himself…

 [TL: Now, I’m going to go ahead and say that this is going to get long, but most of it isn’t all that necessary.
It’s mostly just small nuances or details I’ve picked up on in this chapter which I’d like to clarify.
 First is Toa’s name.
Toa (トア) means door in Japanese, so that’s another one to add to the list of pun names.
 Secondly is the metaphor used to describe her fingers.
A Shirauo is a white, thin fish.
The Japanese Wikipedia page even said that there’s a possibility that the fish is likened to the fingers of a noble, due to the frail, unblemished appearance.
Our author seems to agree with that.
 Thirdly, our new character, Zamasu Zamasu.
You didn’t read wrong the first time, that really is his name.
He always ends his sentences in “zamasu”, and has an archaic manner of speech.
However, I feel like the way he speaks is a bit jumbled, maybe because he’s pushing himself to speak so peculiarly? In any case, for this reason, some of his sentences sound a little odd.
Maybe some of you noticed, but in one of his lines, I deliberately left in the tautology, as that is how it was written.
He also refers to himself by saying “ミ~”, which can be both interpretted as saying “myself”, as well as the english “me”.
So that I didn’t miss either possibility, I used “this Me~”, capitalising the “M” for extra peculiarity.
 Fourth, the names “Leaning Tower of Pizza” and “Lapita” are wrong.
The author most likely did this on purpose, “Lapita” to avoid copyright issues, and “Pizza” just for laughs.
I could have translated it as “Piza”, but where’s the fun in that?
 And lastly, something that comes from both this chapter and the last.
When Wirk refers to the sea monster he fought, he calls it a long neck dragon, while Toa and company call it a sea dragon.
These are the literal translations I just wrote.
Wirk’s “long neck dragon” actually translates as plesiosaurus, as you have seen in the previous chapters, though in order to explain, I needed to give you the direct translation here.
My hunch is that Wirk doesn’t actually see the sea monster as much of a threat.
He treats it like it’s some dinosaur, and also calls it how he sees it, i.e.
a dragon with a long neck.
However, Toa and Heim call it a sea dragon, a name which clearly shows that it should be something to be feared.
This shows just how little Wirk actually understands of the outside world’s perspective on things.
 I’m actually glad the author put the extra effort into these small details, even if it meant more work for me.]

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