”Academy of Magic, ” – I muttered in an indistinct voice, looking at the screen with the name of the game.

The TV, to which the game console is connected, was large enough to accommodate bright letters.

Sitting in a room where toys in the form of magicians filled the entire space, leaving only the bed and table clean, I held a joystick in my hands.

The game Im going to play is a fantasy genre in the form of magic training at the academy. The plot is to learn magic at the academy, where real players became students after spending all their time studying. It took up almost half of the game, which was uninteresting.

Although I got a chance to beta test the game as one of the developers, I had no desire at all.

But thats the job.

I pressed the start button and the screen moved from the name of the game to a welcome message.

[Welcome to the Magic Academy!]

[Dear Beta Tester, Kim Ah Jin…]

”Wow, you. I didn even know that they inserted my name. ”

When creating the game, the company I worked for should have warned me about this, but it seems they wanted to make a surprise.

But as much as I was glad, I decided to skip the greeting.

[Please create a character!]

Now I could see the screen with the figure of the character, which was empty and clean, like white paper.

To be honest, I was too lazy to create a character, so I chose purely randomly.

And after a few minutes, I was in the game itself.

The character I was controlling moved the same way as my joystick. If I moved to the left, he walked in the same direction. If you press the sit button, he was sitting on the ground. Fortunately, the controls worked perfectly, which pleased me.

But not the point, the main task is to spend playing time in the academy itself.

With a joyful look, I started playing for my character in the hope that I would become a magician at least in the game. Looking back in the past, I always wanted to become a wizard, but the cruel reality ruined my dreams.

Perhaps by playing this game, I will be able to regain my former self, which I lost in my early childhood.

5 hours later…

Looking at the black screen, I felt sad at the same time joyful.

I was glad that I had successfully reached the end, but the problem was that we hadn thought about the end of the game yet, so I could only see blackness, like black cumin oil.

After spending about five hours in the game, I experienced a lot of emotions; from excitement to longing.

It can be said that my childhood dream was fulfilled. But unfortunately for me, I couldn see the ending, leaving my character at some unknown point.

And while I was in dark thoughts, I heard a sound as my phone started ringing with a notification.

Pulling the phone out of my pocket, I swiped my thumb up to unlock the device.

The reason why I received the notification is because of a message I received from the main boss of the company.

Maybe she wanted to ask me how the game was going.

[Boss: Good evening, Ah Jin. Sorry for the late time, but I would like to know your impression of the game]

As expected, I was right.

Looking at the clock next to the TV, which showed 10 p.m., a thought flashed through my head.

Why is she still online at this time?

It was weird.

Although she always works hard, even more than the developers, she was the type of person who gave all of herself to her work, like me, including. She should have a day off today.

”Well, I guess I should answer her after all.. ” – starting to scribble quickly with my fingers, like a woodpecker, digital letters began to fill the screen.

[Ah Jin: Hi Boss! I want to start by saying that there are no bugs when controlling the character, although there is one….]

After having a conversation with her on the phone, where we corresponded via messages, I looked at the time.


For 15 whole minutes, I told her my impression of the game. Obviously, I omitted small details, explaining only the most important ones, which is quite acceptable in my opinion.

[Boss: Okay, And Jin. It was nice to hear your opinion. Regarding the last part, I hope you will find the answer and create your end of the game!]

”Hmm? ” – after reading the answer she gave me a few minutes later, I looked puzzled.

No matter how much I reread, I couldn catch her train of thought.

Create your own end game?

”What is she talking about….! ”

Just before I had time to ask myself the second question, darkness engulfed my mind, as if a whole tsunami covered me, I also felt the crunch of sand in my brain.

And as if a high-speed train crashed into my lungs, I stopped breathing, and then, my eyes began to get cloudy, as if they put a hood on my head, I stopped seeing anything.

In the end, I lost consciousness.

And finally, death knocked on my door.

At the last moment, I thought. Something I couldn complete.

End of the game.


I raced through the forest as if I was possessed by madness. Gasping for air, I tried to somehow regain my breath. My lungs almost stopped working, but I restrained myself.

At the same time, I felt pain.

In the abdominal area, as if someone had stuck a knife.

Damn monsters!, – I shouted in my thoughts.

Behind me ran a crowd of monsters that were much taller than me. With a massive build like a gorilla, they spotted me as their prey.

I could feel the aura of rage from them and by looking into their eyes that were red as blood. I felt fear.

The fear that appeared for the second time, being in this world.

And feeling a shiver run through my body, I also felt a bony figure with a scythe in his hand. The back of my neck felt the icy breath of death, on a par with the pesky horror.

But even so, the thought of stopping did not occur to me.

Gritting my teeth, I only began to move my legs faster. To get out of this situation, I have to squeeze as much dexterity out of myself as possible.

Right in front of me, I saw a light at the end of the tunnel. Not the one that a person sees after death.

I finally saw the end of the forest.

This damned forest did not end, no matter how much I ran.

Focusing all my attention on how to get to the end as soon as possible. At the same time, I tried to avoid the trees along the way in the hope that I would not crash into them.

Branches and leaves crunched underfoot after spring.

To hell with it

The faster I ran, the louder the screams of the monsters became.

Like casino players who sensed the excitement, it was also with them.

”Ah Jin, Ive cooked your favorite food, ”

A sweet, warm voice caressed my ears.

For some reason, right now, I thought about the fate of those who remained in that world. Bitter thoughts crept into my head like poison, which I could not get rid of at the moment.

Family, friends, and homeless people I met every day.

As if at the snap of their fingers, their faces flashed before their eyes, leaving behind fragments of the past.

Perhaps it was the devil or god, watching from a high point that I couldn reach, doing all these things on purpose. Calling me to stop, and like a dove flying freely in the sky, to give myself up to fate.

I would gladly leave the world myself. A cruel and full of the endless suffering world.

Thats just it.

I don feel attached to that world anymore

Without realizing it, I began to reject the past of myself, eventually severing the connection between me and the past.

But I did

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