The Eye of Fate

01. The Conspiracy

The High plane of the Immortal realm was divided into nine governing areas. Each of these areas was controlled by one of the nine exceptional individuals who were known as the Sacred Nine. They were hailed exceptional because no one within the three realms could challenge their authority. Every one of them started from the bottom of the power ladder and worked their way up.

Their so-called legends were so glorified to the limit, that anyone who heard their stories become instant admirers of them. As living legends, it was really hard to see even one of them let alone a few of them together. But if someone wandered into the ancient relic ground at the edge of the High plane, will be amazed because seven of these individuals were having a discussion in the old throne room. But then again if someone was lucky enough to witness this they won be lucky enough to live to tell the tale.

In the throne room, seven thrones were erected in a circle, each was distinctive from the other by the glowing symbols on top of their backrests. There were seven beings occupying each throne.

”Are you certain the old bastard won be suspicious? ” Monarch of the Golden Castle said nervously.

”Al-Ruk, don worry we took every precaution. We planned two decades for this very moment. Don show your cowardly side now ” Hissed a figure clad in black armor surrounded by a beastly aura. On top of his throne, a dark purple symbol of a roaring dragon could be seen.

”No matter what you say, Im always afraid when it comes to him… And don try to hide it, you, reptile. I can sense the tension in your bones under your ugly skin. ” Al-Ruk the Monarch of the Golden Castle spat back. Only a member of the sacred nine could talk to Dragon Monarch in such a way and get away with it.

”Ill show you whose skin is ugly! ” Dragon Monarch stood up abruptly.

”Thats enough you two. ” The dignified figure who took the leading throne of the discussion silenced the two, quarreling. There was a blue coloured glowing sword symbol was engraved on the dignified figures throne. Al-Ruk and Arogath harrumphed and quieten down. As the second most powerful individual of the Sacred Nine, Sword Sovereign holds such weight in his words.

”Everything is going according to the plan. Remember it was him who asked for our help, not the other way around. He indeed invited only three of us but, it shows he trusts us, or hes confident in himself enough that if something went wrong hell be able to overcome it. Heh… the only problem is we will be well prepared than he anticipated. ” Said the sword sovereign.

”You sound so sure my dear! ” A melodious voice came and a black-robed woman appeared near him. The seven thrones slowly expanded and an eighth throne materialized. The newcomer added a seductive charm to the old throne room and oozed sex appeal.

”Its because Im assured since you
e standing by our side. ” Sword Sovereign took the newcomers hand and placed a kiss while she occupied the empty throne. Its blank backrest now showed a pink butterfly engraving.

”You… you two together?? ” Arogath stuttered in utter disbelief.

”Of course. If shes not with us how else, I have enough intelligence to attack the old bastard. ” said the Sword Sovereign with a self-assuring smile.

”Thats not what I meant! ” Arogath frowned.

Most of the others looked disturbed. Especially the Royal Elf renewed as the Natures Spirit and The Monk also known as the Yellow-Robe, who dislike the black-robed woman. Only Golden Monarch and Count Grey the Undead seemed not much disturbed. Golden Monarch had a complicated look while Count Grey remained unaffected.

”Humph… a bitch is a bitch wherever she goes. ” Harrumphed the red feather-robed figure seated right beside Dragon Monarch. This was none other than the renowned Scarlet Feather MiiShaa, the fourth ranker of the Sacred Nine. As her being the only female in mid ranks of the Sacred Nine, she had a massive ego. Which was the main reason that she cannot find a mate.

”Oh… Why? Are you jealous, because I found myself a better companion while you still bedding your own gender? ” The black-robed woman questioned, giggling. It was bizarre her voice sounded pure innocent and seductive at the same time.

”Its not your concern with whom I share a bed, you whore! Your way of constantly swapping partners to gain power disgusts me. Its a disgrace to the whole female kind. Humph…! ” Scarlet Feathers words were a bit harsh.

No one said anything for a few moments. The black-robed woman hissed back.

”Huh… How come its a disgraced to female kind? Most women like to stay relaxed and leave the hard work for men. Now just because you gained bit of power doesn mean you can go against our nature. And if you so high and mighty, why don you challenge the top three? Oh… and also they are males, the kind you despise. ”

She continued. ”And don forget, you are only up there due to your bloodline. If not for that, forget that even being the fourth you won even be the last. So don try to judge my life! ”

She stared daggers at Scarlet Feather. Scarlet Feather seemed a bit taken back by the black-robed womans outburst. And then she looked at others.

”Don look at me like that! Why? Are you thinking that Im just a woman that old fellow sleeps with? Its all fair when it comes to power in this world. Since only Alfred is willing to help me to achieve my goal naturally, Im aligned with him. Sharing a bed is just extra. Also, it feels really good to cheat on that old fellow. ”

She said calmly. The charm of her voice didn even fluctuate for a second. That was to be expected from the Black-Hooded Lady of the Sacred Nine. A master of seduction arts. The number of men and women she seduced on her way to power was countless.

But that was not the most famous reason for her fame. It was the fact that she was said to be the lover of the most powerful individual of the three realms, Third Eye the Sorcerer. So it was a surprise for most of them that the lo

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