The Eye of Fate

10. Arrival

Just his Qi energy started to release from his palm the Sorcerer snapped his fingers. The attack stopped abruptly and whole accumulated Qi energy vanished from his body. Dragon Monarch looked at his hands with utter disbelief. He looked like a complete idiot.

”H..How?!? ”

”Tch… Tch… Did you really think you could attack me solo? After all that fighting. What a naïve little reptile. ” He shook his head in disappointment.

”And don shout out the name of the Qi technique. Its alright for a beginner since that helps for concentration, but a veteran like you? Its embarrassing. Even… I felt my skin crawl with shame. ”

He said in full of disgust. Even other Sacreds hated his guts they have to agree that shouting out Qi art name was shameful for a veteran.

”Since you guys did not appreciate the freedom I gave you at your last moments… ”

He waved his hand and blood-red coloured chains shot out from the observatory floor and immobilized eight Sacreds. Then the chains were dragged and assembled into a half circle where the Sorcerers throne was right in front of them.

”Blood energy Formation…??? You know these too? ” Shouted Royal Elf.

All the other Scareds were visibly shaken by his words. Blood energy formations were one of the rarest formation types within the three realms. Only a few living beings held this ancient formation technology and fewer were able to set up and utilize blood formations. It came as a surprise to them that the Sorcerer was one such being. But what made them puzzled was, when and how the formation was activated.

”As expected Natures Spirit is so sensitive to energy variants. But isn it a little late? ”

As the only Sacred who was rational figured out what happened instantly.

”The battle? You… You wanted us to bleed so we will be bounded to the blood formation? ” Asked Count Grey slowly.

”Finally, a person with some brains. ” Sorcerer complimented Grey.

”Isn it a great plan? Connecting to a blood formation can be felt through your spiritual sense, specially Sacred Immortals like yourselves. So I wanted all of your attention drawn elsewhere. Then the fight took place. All of you were so distracted to feel anything wrong. ”

All eight of them felt so embarrassed. They hung their heads down in shame. How could they miss something minor as this? Looked like their whole plan was like an amusement for the Sorcerer.

The Sword Sovereigns whole body started to shake from uncontrollable anger and frustration. So were the others. None were in a stable mental condition to talk except for Count Grey.

”Sigh…! ”

Count Grey sighed in defeat for the first time after a long time. Half an eon long to be exact. He remembered a time when he was so helpless and fighting against an undefeatable enemy. However, at that time with sheer will and unimaginable luck, he was able to turn his crisis into an opportunity and defeat that enemy. He hoped that this time also a miracle will take place. But to no avail.

”Looks like this is the end of the road for us. ” He was now regretting his decision to go against this old monster.

”No… No… No… How… How could we lose? With all that planning all those advantages, how could we possibly lose? ” Roared Dragon Monarch.

”A spy! There must be a spy within us! Who is that? Who betrayed us? Grey is that you? Or is that Bold Monk? ” He was slowly losing himself, due to sudden misfortune.

”Do I look to be any better condition than you fool? I even lost my heart blood. Stop acting like a moron for once. ” The Count said in annoyance followed by Yellow Robe.

”All brawns and no brain. I cannot believe, I accepted to join this. Now theres no escape. Amitabha…! ”

”Shut it Boldie. ” Arogath barked back. Then looked at Sword Sovereign who was the main instigator of this whole attack.

”Alfred, surely you have a way out right? Tell me. You have a backup plan ready, right? Spill it. Im not ready to see this old bastards arrogance anymore. ”

”I… I… didn … couldn … no… way… ” Thats what he could only mutter. With all hopes lost, Sword Sovereign seemed to take a severe mental blow. With all escape routes gone only thing he could do was put away his dragon pride and talk reason with the Sorcerer.

”Third eye, we admit that we are in the wrong for attacking you. We apologize for that. But you have to understand we did that only to hinder you from ascension so we can be at the same level and rule together as the Sacred Nine. Without us, there will be chaos all over the immortal realm. So you have to let us go. ”

”Hmm… Sure… Sure. ” The Sorcerer muttered distracted. He completely ignored Arogath.

”Look at me when Im talking to you! ” A dragon roar reverbed.

None can take lightly a dragons pride. Even for a simple disrespect, they retaliate fiercely. Dragon Monarch spat back instinctively using his special ability Dragons Authority. Dragons Authority was a race-specific skill. It used the dragon races bloodline superiority to suppress and command lesser bloodlines.

”Don raise your voice to me little snake. Its useless and annoyingly loud. ” He exaggerated by rubbing his ears.

Dragon Monarch was shocked. It was not easy to withstand a Dragons Authority. It seemed the Sorcerers soul was abnormally sturdy. He didn even flinch.

Just as the dragons roar faded away, an extremely melodious and seductive voice spread over the observatory.

”Dear, you
e not going to do anything to me right? You surely could not bare anything happening to poor me. Isn that so my dear? ”

The ultimate seductress Shin-Naas voice turned so desirable and lustful that even the feeling less Yellow Robe and Scarlet Feather who despised her started sending lustful gazes at her. Even though her voice was melodious and playful her face was filled with distress.

Even though all the seven Sacreds fallen into her charms, the main subject of her assault was looking at her in amusement. Like a cat, which took pleasure in, the straggling of its prey, he was enjoying all of her and her companions struggles.

”Is that all? ” He questioned calmly. ”Hmm… looks like being undefeatable for a long time has made your wills weak. Cannot even withstand a little blow to your fragile egos. Tch Tch Tch… Surely you didn expect me to fall into that? Are you serious? ”

”Bu…But you fell into that earlier! ” She was confused why the previous attack worked and this one didn .

”Its because I let you, you fool! And also someone was helping you, obviously. ” Then he looked at all of them. ”Not only you but for all of you. Didn you find you were a bit too capable today and your abilities have increased a little? ”

All eight of them were confused. But Sword Sovereign came out of his stunned state was not satisfied.

”What help? Do you see anyone else than us? You still trying to demine us. Why do you despise us this much? Isn it enough for you to control the three realms for nearly an eon? Why can you even give us a chance? Why can you let me win just for once? ”

”Truly pathetic! A chance you say? Didn I already give you one? For all of you. Do you really think you people came to the high realm because of your luck? ” The Sorcerer questioned with a devilish grin.

”What… What are you talking about? ” Scarlet Feather who was silent till now asked.

”Oh since you people are deeply confused, let me explain it more simply. ” Sorcerer said rubbing his hands, excited. Then he slowly started narrating an incredible story. A story that could traumatize them further.

”This might come as a shock to you people. But I didn break through today. ”

”WHAT…? What nonsense! We saw the tribulation! ” bellowed Golden Monarch. Not only him all eight of the stared at him wide-eyed.

”Wait… wait… Don get agitated. Ill explain. ” Sorcerer stated, waving his arm, lazily.

”First of all the so-called God Realm you people know is actually not the god realm but, the Half-God realm. Its not easy to become a god, you know. And I was already a Half-God when you people arrived into the High Realm. I just didn want you to so vary of me, so I introduce myself as an Immortal realm cultivator. ” All eight of them looked at him dumbfounded.

”And what you witnessed today was an illusion I put together to distract you, people. All your actions were indeed true but all that lightning show is merely a recreation of my actual ascension. ”

”No… way! ”

”Impossible! ”

Sacreds shouted in disbelief. They never expected the seemingly innocent Sorcerer was this much of a schemer.

”Why do you think I asked you, people, to utilize a formation over using your own attacks against the divine suppression? Its just to limit your moments so you won feel anything wrong. With the help of this tower, I was able to fool all you people and HER! ” The Sorcerer started revealing one shocking secret after another.

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