The Eye of Fate

03. Three Tribulations

The High plane of the Higher Immortal Realm – The Sorcerers Tower

The tower of Third Eye the Sorcerer was a mysterious place. No one can find their way around the place. It looks like a normal tower from the outside. But from the inside, it looks like a never-ending maze build out of high-tire Qi crystals. No one knew how Third Eye the Sorcerer acquired that amount of high-tire Qi crystals.

If an organization was powerful enough they could occupy a few high-tire Qi crystal mines but the way Third Eye the Sorcerer used those crystals was too wasteful and extravagant. None of the organizations within the three realms could afford to do that. Not even other famous members of the Sacred Nine.

So it was a famous secret that all the influential forces in the three realms held the Sorcerer in higher regard than other Sacred members. That was one of the reasons why the other eight members crossed with him.

At the top of the tower, there was said to be an observatory used by the Third eye to stargaze and master astrology and seer arts. But nobody has seen it. Not even his said lover.

In the Observatory, there was an individual dressed in a complete black robe which was embroidered with intricate silver patterns. It was the most powerful man within the three realms.

While the eight Sacreds were plotting his downfall, Third Eye the Sorcerer was stargazing at this very same observatory.

After looking at the planetary alignment for a while, he looked down at the Qi crystal square table near him. On this table, there was a two by two feet sized board. On it, eight circles were revolving around the center of the board, each in a different orbit.

The Sorcerer had built this board according to seers knowledge and working of fate rules, he realized through eons. No one knew about the existence of this Seers Stargazing board. Even though someone knew about the board, it made no difference since only the Sorcerer knew how to use it.

On the board, one circle which was glowing in an eerily grey colour containing a skull symbol moved to fall in line with the other seven revolving circles. If one paid attention they might pick up on the fact that each circle contained a colour and a symbol representing one of the Sacred Nine. The center circle containing the silvery eye symbol represented the Third Eye himself.

”Hmm… As predicted… Again ” He sighed. ”Life becomes unbearable when you know all and see all. ”

They will be here shortly. Everything is in order. Threads of fate are aligned. With a little bit of patience, everything will return to the beginning. Everything I created will return to its original form and create a full circle. So am I. That thought made him smirk.

He went to his throne room and walked towards the throne, when he reached there he didn sit on it, simply put his hand on the curving of an eye at the top of the throne. The next moment the curving started to emit a green silvery glow and a small green orb with silver patterns floated out from the eye symbol. Then it enlarged to a size of an eyeball. It gave off a soothing yet eerily aura that changed from time to time, representing life and dark mystery at the same time. He took the orb to his right palm and observed it for a while.

”All my lifes work. Heh… three eons worth of effort. All down to this tiny thing. ”

He shook his head while sitting down on the throne and at that very moment the orb started floating and revolving around itself at his eye level. After that, he started doing various hand mudras while focusing his sight on the floating orb.

If a Buddhist monk was there to witness this monk will be shocked because the mudras the Sorcerer was doing were long-lost Seven Mudras of the Great Nirvana performed by the Celestial Buddha Anoghadassi to invoke the cosmos his great enlightenment and escape from the fate laws of samsara.

According to the legends, it was said to be Celestial Buddha Anoghadassi was known for his fearlessness and warrior spirit. He battled with samsara fate laws for seven days and established his path to boundlessness. Just before he become one with the boundlessness he performed seven mudras refined from his experience of his seven-day struggle against the fate laws of samsara to invoke the cosmos and its countless beings. (*mudra – Ritualistic hand movements in religions, particularly in Hinduism or Buddhism)

Those very same mudras were being performed by Third Eye the Sorcerer now. Due to the seven mudras, seven new silvery linings were embedded on the green orb. Then he calmed himself down and closed his eyes. At the same time, silver coloured illusory eye appeared on glabella. Next, his right hand rested on his left palm facing upwards to depict the Profound mudra of concentration. (Dhyana Mudra)

After a few moments, the Silvery green orb sucked into the illusory eye and merged. At that moment fate threads of the whole cosmos trembled to announce to the worldly beings that fate was challenged by someone. Someone is rebelling against fate. Trembling of the fate threads lasted only for a few moments. Just as trembling stopped he opened his eyes and the illusory third eye vanished without any trace.

”Trembling of fate threads… Hmmm… Is she declaring war now? She didn even know what Im doing! Huh, things getting interesting. ” Next, he lazily laid on his throne and waited.

At that time, eight Sacreds who came to attack Third Eye the Sorcerer had already surrounded the tower. Except for the invited thee the Sword Sovereign, Dragon Monarch, and Scarlet Feather others were concealed by the Ancient concealing talismans provided by the Royal Elf. Just as the three leading members were about to enter the towers inner area they felt a faint suppression from the laws of the cosmos and then it vanished abruptly.

If their cultivation levels were not that high they might have not felt anything. But the unusual thing was, in such a tense situation a weird phenomenon like that might have made these cautious fellows back down. But for some reason, they were filled with confidence and determination. All the eight members felt unwavering confidence that they were going to succeed. It was like they got the blessing of a higher existence. So with a renewed assurance, they proceeded with their plan.

At the same time in the towers throne room. Still playing tricks huh… Lets see whos trick is better!

The Sword Sovereign, Dragon Monarch, and Scarlet Feather went inside the tower and stopped just outside the throne room. As they predicted no one blocked their way, but anyone who came to see Third Eye the Sorcerer had to wait outside the throne room. Just as they stopped outside charming voice brock thought the huge doors leading to the throne room.

”Come in my friends. Don wait outside the door. ” As the voice dissipates the doors opened themselves.

All three of them entered the throne room. The throne room was all a mystery. It was a spacious hall made out of high-tire Qi crystals like the rest of the tower. So was the ceiling, though it was covered with mysterious patterns and formations. It showed off the wealth, influence, and mysteriousness that followed the Sorcerer.

None among the Sacreds could build such a massive tower out of Qi crystals. No one knew how or from where the Sorcerer collected this much of high-grade Qi crystals. If three of them had never been to the room they might have been intimidated by the magnificent display but it was not their first time being in the throne hall. All their focus looked on their target who was now occupying the throne.

The Sorcerer stood from the throne and welcomed the three of them. ”Welcome to my humble adobe friends. Im so grateful three of you willing to help me on such short notice. ”

He expressed his sincerity while coming down from his elevated throne.

”Its nothing much. I was bored anyway. Its good to see you, Master Third Eye! ” Said Scarlet Feather cheekily.

”Scarlet… looking lovely as ever! Still couldn break out of your old habit of using honorifics huh… ” The Sorcerer mocked back with a raised eyebrow. Scarlet Feather just giggled back.

”Try she wouldn . Shes so used to that way of addressing its her signature move. ” Dragon Monarchs words further lightened up the mood.

”Arogath, I appreciate you being here my friend. ” The Sorcerer bowed to greet him.

”Haha… Of course, Ill be here. Its not every day you got to do a favor for the Sorcerer. Its good to have you owe us a favor for a change. Haha… ” Dragon Monarch said laughing.

After greeting, the Sorcerer turned towards the Sword Sovereign. The other two got tensed. Even though Dragon Monarch and Scarlet Feather had a friendly attitude toward The Sorcerer the relationship between Sword Sovereign and The Sorcerer had always been strained for as long as they could remember. So he just gave a formal greeting and acted aloof.

”Third Eye, Im grateful for the generous reward and the invitation. ”

”Alfred, always the formal one. Anyways please join me and enjoy the banquet before anything. My chef worked so hard on it. ” The Sorcerer accepted his stoic greeting.

He was used to Sword Sovereigns antics and wasn worried, next he led them through a door to the left of the hall to a lavishly decorated banquet hall. In the middle of the hall was a long golden table whichs surface was covered with steaming luxurious food items. There were four elegant golden chairs that suited the table, one on each side.

”Please take a seat, my friends. Lets discuss over a meal and a drink. ” The Sorcerer invited all to the table and took the leading chair after all others have seated. Then they dined over some small talk. After the meal, all the plates and remaining foods vanished and were replaced with bamboo wine decanters.

”Oh, this fragrance!? Master Third Eye… I never knew you had a stock of this stuff. ” Scarlet Feather grabbed one decanter with pure joy. She, as the queen of the Scarlet Palace, was notorious for her way of indulgence in liquor and carnal pleasures. One good glass of wine could get her all excited and distracted.

”Haha… of course you never knew my dear, Wooden Monkey Kings spirit wine is so rare only a special gathering like this can force me to bring them out… And Alfred! Arogath! please help yourselves. ” The Sorcerer said pouring himself a glass.

”Very well. ” Sword Sovereign thought it was time to talk about the main purpose they were invited. ”So I would like to know why the three of us were invited suddenly? ”

”Hmm… on to the point! Well, then I won beat around the bush. As you all have guessed Im about to break through and I need your assistance to withstand the suppression of the laws of the cosmos. ”

”I knew it! How you doing it is really beyond my imagination. ” Dragon Monarch said surprised there seemed to be a hint of jealousy hidden in his tone. ”Im stuck at this level for five thousand years. But you
e already at the next level… And that also less than three thousand years of your ascension. You
e truly a genius. ” He raised a glass to that.

”Haha… I appreciate your kind words. I was just lucky. ” Said the Sorcerer.

”Hehe… You have some good luck then! ” Scarlet Feather also raised a glass.

Not for long, though! Thought the Sword Sovereign while raising his glass.

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