The Eye of Fate

04. Fangs Out

”Anyway all of you will be well rewarded for your assistance. Three of you could pick any treasure from my collection. ” Said the Sorcerer.

That came as a bit of a surprise for all three of them because to their knowledge, Third Eye the Sorcerers treasure collection was the most valuable treasure collection within the three realms. The number of invaluable treasures in that collection was endless.

”Since Master Third Eye is this generous, how can we refuse? ” Scarlet Feather stated.

”Yes. Dealing with the Suppression of Laws is dangerous but since your reward is attractive Ill play ” Agreed, the Dragon Monarch.

”I hope your preparations are completed? ” Questioned the Sword Sovereign.

”Of course, everything is ready! More than necessary. Only you guys were missing. ” Said the Sorcerer.

Three of them nodded along and went back to enjoying the wine. But none of them noticed the deep mockery and ridicule hidden within the Sorcerers eyes.

After some time, the Sorcerer led them to the top of the tower. It was the first time all three of them came to the towers observatory, so they observed their surroundings intensely. The most eye-catching thing about the room was its massive transparent half-spherical ceiling.

There were constant flashes of silver linings on it, just like sudden lightning strikes. If not for it, they might have taken it as there was no roof over that room. The only difference from earlier was that the board and qi crystal table was gone.

”So you do have an observatory at the top of your tower. I have to admit it looks impressive. ” Said the Dragon Monarch.

”Is it true you use this to predict the future, Mr. Third Eye? Did you predict youll breakthrough to the next level? ” inquired the Scarlet Feather. The other two also looked at the Sorcerer intensely wanting to know the answer.

”You must be joking. Its impossible to predict the outcome of an event going against the laws of the cosmos. I thought you guys know about that? ” The Sorcerer sounded confused.

”Of course, we all know that since who among nine of us not tried to predict the future before a breakthrough? Hehe… ” Scarlet Feather gave a nervous laugh.

”I just asked because I thought you might find a way around that since your accomplishments in seer techniques are the best. ”

”Haha… Im indeed fascinated by them. But Im not even half good as ancient seers. The only worthy accomplishment I have in this field is what we collected from that ancient ruin we visited last time. And you all know what I found. ” The Sorcerer said in a disappointed tone.

Of course, they knew what he found. It was a relic that can be used to find an auspicious time for starting a major occasion in ones life. It could have increased the possibility of realization of a situation ten times more if one used that relic.

”That relic was a letdown. Talk about an unrewarding journey. ” Dragon Monarch also agreed.

”Is it time yet? I think its better you explained the process to us. ” Ushered the Sword Sovereign.

”Very well then. ” For the next half an hour, the Sorcerer explained his plan for achieving the breakthrough. And the other three listened carefully. After explaining the plan, he asked everyone to get ready.

”Alright then, Ill activate the formation… you three know what to do. ” He gave a final glance at them and walk to the middle of the room and the other three quickly took marked positions, surrounding him as the center.

After confirming that everyone was ready the Sorcerer started doing hand mudras slowly and gracefully. The Observatory floor trembled a little and lightened up with various patterns stating the initiation of the formation.

Just as the formation activated, the surrounding Sacreds felt that they were connected with something and their senses became much sharper within the formation. It made them more aware of any tiny detail within the formation boundary. But they were unable to sense anything from the center of the formation where occupied by the Sorcerer.

Even though they were fully blind to what the Sorcerer was doing they did not panic. First, since the Sorcerer explained about this aspect of the formation and they were expecting it. It was understandable because no cultivator liked other people spying on them when they were breaking through. Also probing of senses could lead to distractions and that might cost the cultivators life.

Second, all three of them are very familiar with the formation and knew there was no way the Sorcerer could use that formation to lay a trap for them. It was one of the reasons why they agreed to enter the formation without any hesitation.

Next moment the half-spherical observatory ceiling was split opened into five parts and slid into the tower walls. Sword Sovereign along with the other two watched in slight fascination. Only Third Eye the Sorcerer has this kind of weird yet fascinating creation ideals.

Everything went quiet for a few moments and they knew it was not the time to be relaxed but it was the time to get serious. Just when they were getting ready, they felt a power, that could make their souls tremble, was gathering in the sky above. That power was so dreadful and devastating form of energy that was fatal to peak Immortal Sage realm experts like themselves. And that feeling was enough to recognize what it was.

”Manifestation of cosmic law suppression! Tribulation lightning! ” Sword Sovereign muttered under his breath.

”Its starting! ” said Scarlet Feather exited.

”Even its first stage seems to be more powerful than when I became peak Immortal Sage realm. It truly deserves to be the tribulation that blocks the God realm. ” Dragon Monarch said in fascination.

”Its blue-coloured lightning! For the first strike to be in this colour? Could the last one be? ” Inquired Scarlet Feather urgently.

”Two of you get ready and stay focused. One mistake and all four of us will perish here! ” Sword Sovereign cautioned. They might have come to attack the Sorcerer but they need to ensure their peak condition for their plan to succeed.

The tribulation lightning was the last obstacle a cultivator needed to brave through to achieve a breakthrough to the next cultivation power realm.

The way of cultivation was the art of using the vital energy of the cosmos and refining oneself. In a way, it was a struggle against the natural way of the human condition which was limited to weak bodies and short lifespans.

When someone was going against the natural order, nature would suppress you back to ensure the balance. Suppression of the laws of the cosmos was natures way of keeping cultivators in check.

”Boom! ”

A loud sound came from above and with that, they knew the gathering of the first tribulation lightning was over and the next moment the tribulation lightning would be upon them.

”Its here! Get ready to utilize the formation! ” Sword Sovereign took the lead as usual.

”Crack! ”

Just as he shouted the tribulation lightning came piercing through the air. Its target was the middle of the formation. As it was coming through the air it shaped into a gigantic triangular arrowhead that seemed to want to split the tower into two. It was so fast they could barely see or sense it if not for the formations enhancement.

At the same time, the three who operating the formation utilized their power and a massive silvery shield appeared over them. Next moment the arrow-shaped lightning clashed with the silvery shield with a massive force. Within a few moments the force and energy dispersed into the void. Even before the force fully dispersed they felt the gathering of second tribulation lightning.

”Get ready its the second strike! ” Growled Dragon Monarch. The other two looked serious.

”Crack!! ”

Along a loud sound, another gigantic blue arrowhead-shaped lightning came down. Just like the last time they utilized the formation to create the sliver-coloured shield. But this time they pushed out more Qi energy than the last time. Within the next moment, the crackling arrowhead and the shield collided. A deafening sound came and three who were operating the formation felt the pressure and massive force of the lightning with that strike.

”Next one is the last strike. There might be a huge increase in its force, so get ready. The Sorcerer will also assist with Qi energy. Here it comes! ”

Just as Sword Sovereign reminded the last tribulation strike came down crackling. But this time it was at least two times bigger than the last time and the arrowhead seemed to have a lengthened shaft. It no longer looked like an arrow but, more like a spear. And the concerning matter was there was faint purple lightning crackling around the spear.

”Purple lightning! Its Purple tribulation lightning! To think this day would come! ” Dragon Monarch said in awe.

”Arogath… Stay focused! ” Reminded Sword Sovereign with a grave voice.

It was the first time in their life, facing purple tribulation lightning. There were four colours of tribulation lightning according to ancient records. They were red, yellow, green and blue. But there was another colour of tribulation lightning that no one was able to watch after the fall of the ancient era.

Ancient records of that era had mentioned a purple-coloured lightning that one had to face when they were breaking through to the next realm from the Immortal Sage realm. That realm was known in the records as the region of gods.

So all the present cultivators were trying to pass this last trail to become a god. But none were able to see the purple lightning from the ancient era till now. Only the first ranker of the Sacred Nine, Third Eye the Sorcerer was able to do so.

At that time, it became clear to all three of them that the Sorcerer was about to cross the boundary into the gods realm. Not only them, but the other five Sacreds that were surrounding the tower were also able to feel the dreadful energy gathering in the sky above the tower and witnessed it from their own eyes.

They become quite agitated about the possibility of the Sorcerer becoming a god. If such a thing happened, he would be the first god after two and a half eons. With that influence and strength, he could suppress all other eight members and make them his true subordinates. They were more determined to eliminate him now.

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