The Eye of Fate

07. Even Gods Are Against!

Vermilion Whip slashed at the Sorcerer. Just as the whip was about to contact the silvery circular shield, it turned into an egg-shaped barrier covering the Sorcerer fully.

”Crack! ”

The whip collided with the barrier with a sharp noise. The attack did not pack much power since it was just to immobilize him, so he had to face Golden Monarchs ultimate attack, head-on.

”Boom…! ”

Even before the whip clashs energy faded away, eight bolts merged into one point right outside of the egg-shaped barrier and exploded toward the barrier full force. Fully condensed energy of an ultimate technique of an immortal sage unleashed on the barrier.

All seven of them expected the barrier to break. But they were shocked to see the barrier was able to hold on till the attack subsided. But it was obvious it took in heavy damage. Its flickering state gave that away.

The flickering barrier disappeared and the Sorcerer was revealed. He looked a bit pale. Just with his appearance, they were able to judge, he must have taken a heavy toll while maintaining the barrier.

”Haha. Its effective! My turn! ” shouted Dragon Monarch excitedly and along with bone golems charged at the Sorcerer. They were obviously trying to overwhelm him with consecutive attacks one after another. And with the Qi thinning formation surrounding the area it seemed to be quite effective.

The Sorcerer took in a deep breath and get ready to defend against the most destructive close combat fighter in three realms. Dragon Monarchs Qi techniques were well known within High-Immortal-Plane as a skill set that leaves a trail of destruction. His way of fighting depended on explosive power and overwhelming the enemy with raw power.

As the ruler of the dragon race, Dragon Monarch, Arogath was the most physically powerful combatant among the Nine Sacreds. With the help of Dark Claws, he created a fighting technique called Divine-Dragons-Twelve-Movements.

Each movement can be stacked on the previous movement when the twelfth movement was completed Dragon Monarch could accumulate power enough to wipe out, a whole Stellar Kingdom.

While approaching the Sorcerer Dragon Monarch quickly shifted from movement to movement and stacked as much power he could for the final blow. As he was completing the eighth move his left claw graced a bone golems arm. It got detached and went rolling in the air. For anyone, it seemed to be that golem got in the way of Dragon Monarch.

But the Sorcerer who saw a yellowish glow went on full alert. Dragon Monarch completed the eighth movement and clashed with the full power of Divine-Dragons ninth move. The bone arm that detached was sucked into the power vacuum and shot at the Sorcerer with extreme speed. If one looked carefully they might have seen a thin glossy yellowish glow covering its surface, but at that time none could afford to split their attention on a piece of bone.

The Dragon Monarch expected the Sorcerer to block the attack. But Sorcerer acted completely out of his expectations. His upper body moved flexibly and bent backward, his whole body started to vibrate. Dragon Monarchs attack missed and went past him. Just as the energy blast passed, it converted into a mist and merged with the Sorcerers vibrating figure. Next moment his body snapped back as a loaded bow.

”Boom…! ” His extended arm covered in a silvery glow connected with stupefied the Dragon Monarchs jaw releasing a terrifying power. As the punch connected Dragon Monarch went flying and collided with the observatory wall with a loud bang.

”Bang!!! ”

”Crack… Crack! ” The cracking sounds that came from the walls confirmed the devastating power which sent him flying.

The whole observatory floor shook to silence. Dragon Monarch who was famous for his indestructible body lay on the floor with his legs spread wide, head bent forward and his back pivoted against the wall. Just above his head, there were wide cracks on the high tire Qi crystal wall.

And for their utter disbelief, he was unconscious. There was a dent on the right side of his jaw which seemed to be broken in as viscous blood oozing on the floor making a puddle of dragon blood between his carelessly spread legs. One could even see there were a few teeth scattered within the blood puddle.

While others were fixating on the unconscious Dragon Monarch, they missed an incredible sight. The bone piece which get detached from the golem zoomed directly at the Sorcerers face like a dagger. From the moment it got detached its trajectory seemed to be a coincidence. But the Sorcerer knew better.

As The bone piece rushed at his face, a silvery energy mask appeared guarding the face. Even though he flicked his face to the side, the born piece still graced his face. The silvery energy which didn even budge against Sword Sovereign, Scarlet Feather, and Dragon Monarchs combined attack, disintegrated just because of this slight riffle. A sharp horizontal cut appeared across the Sorcerers forehead but there was no blood came, only a silvery glowing horizontal tear.

Huh… Tricks! Always Tricks! He glanced upward mockingly and rubbed his hand over the wounded forehead uncaringly. The glowing tear healed at a visible speed.

”A happenstance with a piece of bone? You still throwing tantrums. Isn this bit too embarrassing? ” He said to his surroundings teasingly.

It was a good thing that the Sacreds were still distracted by the unconscious Dragon Monarch, if not they might have thought the Sorcerer went crazy and talked to himself. Then his eyes focused on the blood puddle near the Dragon Monarch.

And thats two! ” His mouth crooked ominously.

”Little reptile still didn learn how to refine his attacks. Too many openings! ” That broke the other six Sacreds out from their stupor. He looked at them provocatively and continued.

”Setting up a Qi thinning formation, attacking consecutively without a brake… Exhausting me of my Qi energy reserves really is a good strategy! ” He nodded while smiling. ”But the problem is, can you clowns hold on till Im all worn out and exhausted? ”

”Wh…What kind of Qi technique is that? Ive never seen you use that. To absorb an attack that scale and reverse it? ” Black-Hooded Lady muttered. It surprised her, after seeing the Sorcerers odd Qi technique. She was the closest one to Sorcerer. But even she had never seen it before.

”Oh, that? Fascinating, right? It took me many decades to perfect this little skill. It can reflect attacks; I call it Mystic-Reverse-Mirror ” He said thoughtfully.

The Sorcerer had several Qi techniques in his arsenal that seemed to be illogical and impossible to be explained by common Qi practices. This was one of the reasons why the Sorcerer was the most powerful individual within the three realms. His techniques were so mysterious to the point where the people started to say he was not a cultivator but a mystic practitioner. Hearsay, that term turned into sorcerer which dubbed him as the Third Eye the Sorcerer.

”Anyway put that aside, your performances were a real letdown. I mean its alright if you cannot keep up with me, but you people still have that Nine Lives Protection. At least use that to fight back, so I could at least use this fight to stabilize my cultivation base. ”

While saying that he turned into a blurry shadow and lunched at them abruptly. For the last two times, he was able to catch them off guard. But now they were more aware and ready for his unexpected counters. Even he knew, at this time, the chances of catching them off guard were much lower.

He targeted Scarlet Feather, this time. Her whip attacks were precise and controlled and they can be used for crowd controlling on a battlefield which will be disadvantageous to him in a prolonged fight.

Just as him, with fighting experiences accumulated over countless battles, Sacreds guessed, he might aim at Scarlet Feather or Golden Monarch who was most capable in crowd control. With that thought, all the Sacreds went into action.

”Woosh… ”

Golden Monarch released a bolt. It broke into two and blocked Sorcerers approach towards Golden Monarch himself and Scarlet Feather. Meantime, Scarlet Feather put aside her whip and took out another powerful short sword artifact she uses, Vermilion Spark. It was an Immortal weapon slightly weaker than her whip.

Two short illusory silvery blades appeared in Sorcerers hands. Suddenly he jumped up and flip in the air. He swung silvery blades to interrupt two bolts blocking his path. The swing of the blades changed the trajectory of the two bolts where one headed at Sword Sovereign and the other at Black-Hooded Lady who stand furthest away from him. With that impact, he gained speed, lunch himself at Scarlet Feather, and slashed the blades at her.

But before his attacks reached a bone golem blocked the path. But due to the heavy penetrating power of the silvery blades bones were cut through without much difficulty with slight damping of speed. While cutting through, none noticed the silvery energy traces they left on the bone golem.

Scarlet who was ready perfectly countered the attacks. Even though she was used to whip, her close combat capabilities were no joke. The Sorcerer got ready to send another wave of blade slashes at Scarlet Feather.

But he held himself back and jumped back suddenly. Just as he moved from that position, a devastating sword attack and a spiritual sound wave crashed there. The spiritual attack came from Yellow Robes Singing Bowl.

”Thats a close one. But… Missed! ” The Sorcerer grinned at them.

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