”Heh… Missed! ” Sorcerer mocked.

Then he immediately changed the blade in his right hand into a ball of silvery light and crushed it. That confused the Sacreds. Scarlet Feather who was closest to him suddenly felt an ominous feeling.

”Bone Golem…! Watch out! ”

Count Grey who was concentrating, suddenly opened his eyes wide and shouted at Scarlet Feather. She quickly utilized the Nine Lives Protection to protect herself. But she was slightly late.

”Rip…! ”

A piece of bone zoom passed, gracing her left thigh leaving a long cut across her thigh. The cut was not deep and the wound started to heal at a visible rate. A small amount of blood splashed onto the floor and started seeping into it.

After coming out of the phantom state she realized what happened. When the sorcerer crushed the light ball the bone golem protecting her exploded and bone pieces flew at her like daggers. Only a few managed to grace her and others went right through her phantom self. She quickly looked at the Sorcerer and said.

”This time you missed! ”

”It seems that way. ” Sorcerer said thoughtfully.

Thats three. Only four more. Then he glanced upwards. And also your idea is much appreciated! He thought.

But the next moment he was stuck in a daze. Others were taken back due to sudden change.

”Attack quickly! I cannot hold him longer. Bastard has a tough soul. ” A charming yet urgent voice came.

It turned out Black-Hooded Lady who bided her time had launched an illusion attack at the Sorcerer at the most unexpected moment and her attack was a success. With that rest of the five Sacreds sent attack after attack at the defenseless Sorcerer. Just as the attacks were about to connect a silvery shield appeared defending him.

But it was far less powerful than the last shield he put up. After a few blows, the shield broke and countless attacks landed on the dazed Sorcerer. Due to the force, his body went flying and landed on the floor, and started to slide over the surface.

By that time the Sorcerer had already gained his consciousness back. He pressed his fingers covered with a silvery glow into the floor and stopped himself from dragging over the floor.

”Arrg… Damn Tricks! ” He groaned while looking glaringly at Black-Hooded Lady who was looking at him mockingly.

”Honey, did it hurt? ” She asked with her famous charming voice.

But he was actually looking at the Illusion Crystal on her hands which had a yellowish glow where none seemed to notice but him.

”Your teamworks not bad. But your damages only this much! ” He stated arrogantly and dusted his robes to further provoke them.

True enough there was not even a wound on the sorcerers body. Only light scratches here and there on his robes. That made them question whether they could even defeat this monster.

But their eyes were not failed to notice how pale the Sorcerer looked, a clear indication of over-exhausting Qi energy. It looked like his Qi reserves were running out earlier than they expected. They guessed it was probably due to his recent unstable breakthrough.

At last, there are some results They thought.

”Your battle stands only this much? I see you people still holding onto your pride, thinking that you can fight me without combining your powers. If thats what you all going to do, just prepare to stay here forever! ”

Although Sorcerers words were full of arrogance, the unexpected defeat of the Dragon Monarch and Royal Elf made them realize that those words were not baseless. But those words angered the Sword Sovereign to no end.

”You, arrogant prick! Still trying to act tough while your Qi reserves are running out. Since you
e asking for it well give you what you asked for! ” Sword Monarch said in a slow wavering tone that could make someones blood run cold. There was a raging storm hidden inside his eyes.

”Get ready, we
e going all out with a combined attack! ” He looked at his comrades and they nodded back.

Immediately, Scarlet Feather and Golden Monarch started attacking the Sorcerer simultaneously. Their attacks were so synced; they were enough to restrict Sorcerers movements. The Sorcerer couldn find a gap between their combined attacks to retreat to a safer region. Thus they succeeded in providing enough time for Sword Monarch to get his ultimate attack ready.

While Scarlet Feather and Golden Monarch were restricting the Sorcerer, Count Grey whose defensive techniques were ineffective so far provided support for two of them with his bone golems. He was discontent with how the Sorcerer was able to take out two of his team with ease, despite his protection.

Meanwhile, Sword Monarch closed his eyes and took in a long breath. Then the air around him started to change. Multiple wind currents started to coil around him.

”Lub-dub… Lub-dub… ”

Next moment those currents started to pulse and resonated with his heartbeat.

Wind currents started accelerating, then turned into a raging storm. A massive wind storm containing unimaginable destructive power started gathering around him. The glowing patterns of high tire Qi crystal floor started to flicker and blue coloured sparks flew out from the floor. Burnt scratch marks started appearing on the surface surrounding the Sword Sovereign. Even with that devastating power, Sword Monarch did not seem to be done yet.

With two hands he gripped the sword hilt tight. Then he started doing an elegant sword dance. One stance after another flowed smoothly as a fluid, each stance looked more mysterious and elegant than the other. Meanwhile, he sent dense sword energies which were imprinted into the storm. That sword Qi turned into sharp swords that could cut apart anything.

To prove its right the Qi crystal floor started to get torn into pieces. Within a few moments the whole wind tornado got filled with tens and thousands of swords made of sword Qi. As being the most powerful sword cultivator, Sword Sovereigns sword Qi was unfathomably powerful, no one could imagine the sheer destructive power hidden within the sword storm.

”At least this time it will be a bit interesting. It seemed youve managed to improve your sword dance a little, Alfred. Congratulations…! ” The Sorcerer said sincerely while avoiding Scarlet Feather and Golden Monarchs attacks.

But Sword Sovereign knew it was anything but a compliment. It made him grit his teeth.

”Hump…! ”

Sword Sovereign harrumphed and swung the sword in an ark. The wind storm filled with ten thousand swords flowed like a snake and surrounded the Sorcerer and blocked all exits.

Due to sword Qi, a massive spiritual pressure started to gather around the Sorcerer. Without a soul tempered with sword Qi, it would be hard to face such a massive amount of sword spiritual pressure.

But that was not the end. Yellow Robe and Black-Hooded Lady who was waiting also made their move. Yellow Robe sat down in meditating stance and rang The Singing Bowl while praying a war sutra.

An illusory singing bowl manifested surrounding the sword storm. It vibrated and constantly directed spiritual attacks on Sorcerers soul.

Not only that Black-Hooded Lady used her Illusion Crystals ability and covered the whole area, and created the formation, Myriad Illusions of Samsara.

If anyone was to get trapped within this Illusion that person would be destined to turn into a mindless shell or could be trapped within the Illusion forever and never to woke up. With two pure spiritual attacks and another sword spiritual attack, the Sorcerer seemed to struggle to find a way out.

Even though he tried his best to escape before the encircling was completed, Scarlet Feather, Golden Monarch, and Count Grey didn let that happen. They worked seamlessly together to suppress any of his unexpected moves.

Sorcerer stood still in the middle of the sword storm fortified with spiritual attacks observing the Sacreds with cold eyes, then he took out a long item from his storage space. It was the first time he used something during the fight.

So they observed the item, carefully. But what he held in his hand puzzled them. It was a pitch black heavy sword, five feet long with its hilt. Its foot-wide blade was decorated with intricate silvery patterns.

They never knew Sorcerer used heavy swords. He never used a heavy sword for the thousands of years they had known him. With a flick of his hands, the heavy sword spun and silvery lightning crackled around it.

Next, he swung the heavy sword in a strange way and redirected wind currents, and mostly defended and blocked Sword Sovereigns sword Qi. Though it looked like he pushed back the attack to a stalemate, the Scareds could see that the Sorcerer was reaching his limit, fast.

Realizing that, they thought to use the chance and nail the coffin. Together, the three of them increased their Qi output and pushed their Qi arts to the limit. Three combined attacks started to affect the atmosphere around the observatory. Tears started to appear in the surrounding space, the whole tower started to tremble.

But the Sorcerer looked fine except for his exhausted appearance. Just when they thought the attack might not work a miracle happened, Sorcerer missed a Qi sword and it created a clean cut along his right forearm.

”He missed…! Haha… It looks like even the gods are against that bastard! ” Golden Monarch laughed loudly.

Sword Sovereign was shocked a little since he did not expect his Qi swords to pack that much power that could wound the Sorcerer. As that was the signal one after another Qi swords started to miss Sorcerers sword defenses.

It seemed odd at the beginning because the Sorcerer was never sloppy but they thought it might have to do with his highly exhausted state. But what they didn know was, apart from them a higher existence is using their attacks to hinder the Sorcerer.

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