The Fall of Benma

A Warrior\'s Strength

ion technique. You see his elemental affinity was Steam and he was trying to see if he could remove the heat to make a pseudo ice form, being mist. ” She sighed recollecting her husband and began to cry ”An accidental discovery led to him uncovering this method. He could have learned so much more… ” Ann walked over to her and placed a hand on her shoulder while escorting her out the room ”Kye show her how it works, so we can figure out her affinity. ”

Kye sighed and grabbed the bowl carefully, trying not to spill the water. ”Look the principal is simple. ” holding the bowl in both hands he focused and channeled his energy. The water began to turn orange. Deyan eyed it carefully ”What does orange mean? ” she asked him. Kyes eyes glowed, Deyan wasn sure whether it was with hatred or just curiosity. ”What don want to tell the spy? ” Kye looked away ”It means fire, orange is for fire. Every element has a color associated with it. All you have to is infuse your Tarmata into the water. ”

Kye slide the bowl towards Deyan. ”Lets see what color you produce. ” Deyan place her hands on the side of the bowl and closed her eyes.

The water in the bowl began to turn rainbow colors. Kye looked in amazement ”I.. Im not sure what that means. ” Deyan shrugged ”Does it mean I have all elements? ” Kye burst out laughing ”I don think it works that way Deyan. ” Deyan started to feel embarrassed ”Look Im not familiar with all the elemental affinity stuff. ” Kye was still laughing ”Look Im sorry, I just thought it was funny. ” He reached for the bowl while chuckling ”This does mean something, though Im not sure what exactly, but it does mean something. ” Deyan frowned up her face ”Wait, Iris turned that snow to water. I know that ice and water are to different affinities. How can she use two elements? ” Kye was looking at the dark rainbow colored sludge water. ”Iris uses Ice affinity so she has the ability to use water and ice, its called a Di-combin. ”

Deyan walked over and stared at the water with Kye ”So do you think I have one of these Di-combins. Thats why its multi-colored? ” Kye scratched his head ”Well there are only eleven elements that are known of. Maybe it something never before seen? ” Kye shrugged his shoulders. ”Do you think Iris or your mom knows? ” Kye shrugged his shoulders again.

Deyan gave him a look of disappointment then stared at the water again. ”I wonder what it means? ”

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