Nolan slammed the table, it had all been so simple in his head. But now with everything happening so fast… He turned to his protégé and second in command Brante Heartfold

”Do we have enough time to pull out Deyan and her forces? ”

Brante nonchalantly shrugged ”Its possible her forces are along the western wall located more towards the southern region. With both Wilam and Doros closing in she doesn have much time though. ”

Nolan sneered at Brante; he didn appreciate his attitude towards Deyan. ”Shes your sister Brante, don you care? ” Brantes eyes winced at the sound of the word sister, and they glared deep into Nolans grey eyes. ”Shes no kin to me, shes no kin to any of us. She nothing more than one of your many war orphans you picked up Nolan. Best to not to forget that. ”

Nolan clenched his fist tight, his knuckles turning red. He looked back down toward the map of what use to be Warrick, now nothing more than a culmination of states fighting over land and resources.

He moved his hand upward north towards where the city of Acts was located. ”Do you think they will gather here? ” Brante looked down at the map, unfolding his arms he studied it closely. ”The scouting report state that the Dorian force is moving southward, but with the size of about 45,000 troops no less. Id say you may be correct. ” Nolan had let out a heavy sigh, running his hand through his graying hair.

”She needs to pull back to Judico immediately. ”

Brante raised an eyebrow ”What about Benma? Its too close to our borders to allow it to remain. Itll be too easy for Doros to launch attacks from there. ” Brantes voice was smooth and silky, without worry or stress. Nolan envied that, sometimes he wished he didn care about his comrades and that war was more like the board games he played as a child.

The games he played with his son Jacob. His heart felt heavy and the fires from the rage renewed his vigor and energy. He would not lose any more family, regardless of whether or not she was blood. She was his daughter.

In the cold of night Deyan stayed watch. Her bow at her side ready in case she spotted someone.

Most of her men were resting the best they could, hiding behind the earthen walls placed by Uso Namu. These trenches had been the closes thing to home they had in the long 7 months of the siege. Using the cover of the Wilam-Justine War as cover, they managed to keep the siege going for this long undisturbed. It would only be a matter of time before the siege force was reinforced with the remainder of the Ash army and they took this city.

Deyan spied a shadow moving across the wall and drew her bow. Once the target was in her sights, she channeled her energy into the arrow.

A faint glow and hummed released from the arrow as her energy flowed through it. Not only did she strengthen the arrow, but also the bow, thats where the power really came from.

The moment she released was almost the same moment her arrow reached her target. Straight and precise, the arrow streaked across the night sky blowing away her unsuspecting target.

She quickly moved positions to avoid return fire and set up for another kill. She had spotted another victim when a flash of light jolted through the clouds overhead.

She squinted her eyes shielding it from the light but still remained vigilant Was this an enemy technique? she thought but dismissed the idea quickly No this is coming from the west. Suddenly a bird covered in lightening and electrical energy came whizzing down towards her. It slowed its decent landing gently in her hand.

A massage carried by Brantes technique. This had to be urgent to come directly from him. Deyan could picture, the ever so moody, Brante complaining about using such an exhaustive technique.

Deyan opened it and read the message. It took her longer to process the message than it should as she reread it twice, but once she did a smile stretched across her face.

She had orders to lift the siege and return to Judico. She was going home.

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