h Iris and now were all gone. Iris stroked Deyans hair in a motherly manner ”Its ok they will open the gates soon I know it. ” Iris was so comforting to Deyan, that in a way she revitalized her moral.

Deyan looked up at the guards on top the wall as she shielded her eyes. She had sniped many soldiers off the wall with her laser bow technique, now begging them to let her in seemed silly. Deyan wagered that it would be another day till they finally opened the gates, although the crowd was big, they needed to receive news of a complete retreat.

In reality the knowledge that it was a true retreat helped Deyan to maintain vigor and patience. After a day of begging and pleading for be let in, the guards lowered the daily supplies of food.

The crowds attacked the piles like ravenous hyenas, this was one of the things Deyan hated the most. Luckily for her and Iris they were relatively close to the gate allowing them to obtain a few morsels for their bellies. The others further away weren so lucky.

It wasn much but it was enough to subside the constant pain of her stomach being empty. Aside for acting like a refugee Deyan did well to sell the look. She had lost a lot of weight, and her once muscular physique was now malnourished and slender, even the curves she possessed where gone giving her a boyish look.

Her beauty was still intact though, and it often drew the attention of various men amongst the group of beggars, not that she feared them. She kept her blade close at all times, and although she was fatigued, she still was skilled with tarmata amplification and felt she could take on the best fighters in the crowd.

Her confidence was assured in her own mind, but what struck her as curious was Iriss.

”Mina, when we get inside, what will you do? ” asked Iris as she laid next to her staring at the night sky.

Deyan shifted on the mat beneath her, fortunately it had not begun to snow yet. Though she guessed first snow fall would come towards the end of the month if not sooner.

”Im not sure maam, I have nowhere to go really. ” Iris was silent for a moment and Deyan thought she had fallen asleep, when Iris finally said, ”You may find a husband within these walls. ” Deyan laughed; she doubted whole heartedly that would happen.

She still had a mission to do and after that it would be back to the ranks of the Asher army. ”I don think Im cut out for that. ” Iris chuckled at Deyans response ”You are a strange young lady, but good men like those types of things. ” Deyan turned and looked at Iris

”May I ask where your husband is? ”

Iris sighed ”Hes passed on, left me all alone the old bastard. He knows good and well theres no one else for me yet he went off and died on me. ” Iris said with a painful laugh, Deyan tried not to laugh but couldn help but giggle.

She hadn giggled in a long time; she loved being around Iris it brought out a side of her that she thought had died long ago. ”Well maybe I can be a slight replacement for a while. ” Deyan didn know what she was saying, her mission dictated deception and betrayal. Forming bonds especially like this wouldn help her in the slightest.

”Well, I won hold you to it, youve got more to do than watch over me. ” Iris said as she rolled over on her side. ”Night Mina. ” she said. Deyan looked at her for a second before rolling over herself with a sigh ”Goodnight Iris. ”

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