estions; Deyan gripped her knife the thought of having to silence her crept into her mind.

Could she trust her? she thought to herself. If her secret was unveiled, would she have to kill Iris?

Iris took a turn on a street with no one else on it. She turned around and looked her in the eye ”Now theres several places we could lodge, but before we proceed you need to fix your accent. ”

Deyan looked at Iris puzzled ”Ive been around these parts for a long time and have travelled across the regions of the various States. Your accent is one from Wilam and judging by you being here I guess you
e a part of the Asher army. ”

Deyan was utterly stunned, her hand still gripping her blade she asked, ”What are you going to do maam. ” her voice cracked as her eyes began to sting.

Iris stared dead in her face ”If I wanted to turn you in, I would have done so at the gate. ” Deyan glanced around wondering if anyone was listening ”Whats in it for you, why are you helping me? ” Iris stared at her blankly ”You know for a spy you
e much too frantic and scatter brained. Does it matter why Im helping you? Or does it just matter that you
e getting the help? ” Deyan thought about it for a moment.

Iris had seemed so sweet and loving but now she was showing a much sterner side and Deyan didn know how to process it. She composed herself for a moment getting the surprise under control. She closed her eyes for a brief second, realizing how fatigued she was. She took a deep breath and opened her eyes staring at Iris.

”It is important to know why you decided to help me. ” Iris sighed and looked around ”We need to go somewhere more secluded if we are to discuss everything. Theres an inn not far from here where we can lodge for free. ” Deyan nodded her head ”You lead the way. ”

Iris rolled her eyes while sighing and shaking her head ”Itll be suspicious if you walk behind me at least walk with me. ”

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