The Fall of Benma

Streets of Benma

rd to tell that they were just under siege a few days ago, but if one looked in the faces of the pedestrians you could see the darkness in their hearts, the sadness and bitterness of suffering a near year long siege. Many even looked hungry and malnourished at closer inspection.

Deyan would often see small children in large groups heckle and pester a lone adult until they relinquished their pockets with either bread or coin.

One such group ran up to them and began begging. Iris shook her head no ”I have none to give ya. ” the children turned to Deyan, and she saw herself in the children.

A mix of hatred and disgust filled her stomach as she waved a hand to get away. The kids lingered more before she snapped and yelled ”I said no! ” The kids scurried off yelling insults and obscenities at her.

”No need to be harsh to them Mina. ” Iris said in a soft voice. Deyan felt heated and uncomfortable ”I wasn trying to be. ” she mumbled, she really didn want to yell at the children, but the begging drove her up a wall.

”Must not like children that much? ” Iris said in a low tone. Deyan shook her head ”Its not that its just… ” she trailed off hesitant to divulge so much to Iris.

She decided it be best to wait before further potential bonding and changed the topic. She still was sure if she could fully trust her.

”How far are we from this Inn you spoke of. ” Iris pointed a finger at a mossy covered building, clearly older than the others around it.

At the entrance hung an old sign that read The Fiery Den. Deyan gave Iris a wary look of contempt before they entered in.

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