Deyan entered into the inn, the smell of burning wood hit her nose immediately. Though dimly lit, everything could be seen due to the light radiating from the fireplace.

A woman, around the same age as Iris, appeared from the shadows of the den. ”Iris how are you doing? ” She gave Iris a hug and looked around, eyes paying Deyan no mind ”Wheres my big brother? ”

Iris hung her head, her voice barely audible ”Lance is dead Ann. ” Ann placed a hand over her mouth in shock as tears streaked down her flush red cheeks. Ann pulled in Iris for another hug, who was now crying herself.

Deyan felt out of place and stood there awkwardly.

She wasn sure if she should walk away or not. A moment pasted before the two stopped hugging and crying, and as Ann wiped the tears from her eyes, she seemed to finally notice Deyan

”Whos this beauty? ” she said the sadness seemingly leaving her as her eyes grew wide as she inspected Deyan. ”She a young lady who helped on the road, saved my life actually. ” Ann gave Iris a shocked look then turned back to Deyan with an outstretched hand, ”Well Im ever so grateful for you saving my sister. Im Ann Flogeros ” Deyan nodded ”Pleased to meet you Im De, I mean Mina Ash. ” Iris raised an eyebrow at Deyans slip up and she could feel her eyes stabbing into her with curiosity. Ann turned back to Iris ”Well lets not stand here and chat, lets go to the dining hall. ”

The dining room was just as dim, if not dimmer than the lobby and den. Deyan couldn help but think that this inn didn get a lot of business looking at the condition of the chairs and table. Even though it looked old it was clean and well-kept, which to Deyan was the only thing it had going for it.

Deyan took at seat across from Iris with Ann seating at the end of the table between the two. ”Are you guys hungry? ” Ann asked, the words were a sweet melody to Deyans famished stomach. ”Yes, maam Im starving. ” Ann looked to Iris who nodded in agreeance. ”Kye! ” She yelled as a young man emerged from a door at the end of the hall.

”Yes mom? ” he said with a tired, irritated voice.

”Oh, auntie Iris, I didn know you were here, good to see you. ” He said perking up a little ”And you as well nephew. ” Kyes eyes danced over towards Deyan, but they never truly fell on her.

He seemed to be waiting for some kind of introduction, but no one said anything for a moment. ”Did you call me for a reason mom? ” Ann who snapped back to reality said, ”Oh yes your aunt and her guest Mina are hungry can you whip up something to eat? ” Kyes eyes glance at Deyan for only a brief moment. ”I had some potato soup cooking already shouldn take long to finish. ” Ann smiled ”Excellent, now run along and let the ladies talk. ”

Deyan couldn help but feel embarrassed for Kye.

She watched him as he exited from whence, he came. As she turned to face Ann, who was staring at her fiercely. The warmth that radiated earlier from Ann left as she stared directly at Deyan and said, ”Now lets get down to business. ”

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