arned long ago that an experienced warrior admits when the foe is too powerful. Right now, Iris seemed like her best shot at completing the mission.

She took a deep breathe then looked back at Iris ”Yes, Im here to kill Shetani. ” She finally said. Iris leaned back in her seat ”I figured thats why I helped you so much. ”

Deyan wanted more answers and asked, ”When did you figure out, I was an enemy of Benma? ” Iris raised an eyebrow ”Enemy? You may just be the savior of Benma. But to answer your question you had a look of disgust on your face watching the people beg so from there I guessed you weren an ordinary citizen, but also your accent betrayed you. Its the reason Ann didn trust and why I didn let you speak at the checkpoint. ” Deyan put a hand gently on her throat ”Was it that noticeable? ” she asked softly. Iris nodded her head ”You look like you
e from here, but your accent screams you
e from the north. You pronunciate your vowels too much. ” Iris sighed ”Even if you are a skilled warrior, you wouldn even get the chance to see Shetani with that accent. ”

Deyan couldn help but feel dejected at the sentiment Why was she even here? she thought. Then a thought came to her mind ”You must have had a plan in mind to get me close. ” Iris had a smug look on her face that suggested she did.

”This protector is big on sleeping with as many women possible. Perhaps we can get you in through that way. Since changing the way you sound is next to impossible. ” Deyan wasn sure liked the idea of becoming a sex toy for her assassination target. But she didn think she really had an alternative.

”Only issue is this Benma is set up with the protector being the leader, but they are backed by elders. These elders are previous protectors that have either retired or been deemed unfit to fulfill the role. Currently there are five elders. Not only that but without a sure replacement your mission would be pointless. Even if you manage to kill Shetani and the other five elders the spirit of Benma is strong and they will simply elect someone else quickly. ” Deyan sat there and pondered the possibilities.

”What if we host a candidate ourselves? ” Iris looked surprised ”A puppet leader? ” suddenly Ann walked in ”That certainly won do!! ” Deyan spun around knife drawn at the ready, shocking both Iris and Ann with her speed.

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