Mary – The Beautiful Girl POV

She did not expect this moment to come, like the cold breeze of dawn that gently touched her face. It seemed to her that the place never provided an opportunity for her to love; a normal feeling that God has granted to people. Why is it so hard to understand my deepest desire to know more about myself? Darkness crept in slowly as she wandered on the balcony of their house made of bamboo and palm leaves.

She understood very well that they were different from other people living in that area; a mountainous place where no one dared to live because of its distance. She has a beautiful face, like the fairy of all fairies who know nothing about earthly things. Maybe shes the Fairy of the Wild?

But you can know that she is sad, lonely and wants love. She is a woman who has no right to love and be loved. What a beautiful name her mother gave her, Mary.

”Tomorrow … its your
e eighteen years old, ” said her mother as she approached her on the balcony. So what if shes a fairy? Will this change anything and her future? In her mind, she could not tell her mother about what was on her mind now.

”What do you want for your birthday? ”

She looked at her mother with sadness in her eyes. ”Do you have anything to give me besides fresh human meat and bloody human drink? ”

Marys mother, Virginia Ramirez suddenly left her speechless. It was almost dark when Marys father, Daniel Ramirez, came home from the farm. He tied the buffalo he had used for farming to the fence next to the house. He went upstairs and saw Mary eating white rice and dried fish. He knew very well, that Mary would not ask him to join because they did not eat such food. ”Virgie … where are you? ”

”Are we leaving now Daniel? ” Virginias voice coming from their room.

”Yes … ”

”Mary, we
e leaving, ” Virginia said to her daughter as she looked at Daniel. Mary did not move a bit to answer her mother. She was busy eating at the table. The couple went out of their house to the back of the house. Here, their forms changed slowly until they became werewolves. Their clothes were damaged as they changed and they were covered with thick hair. After a few minutes, they were ferocious animals that wanted to eat human flesh. They hurried away to hunt their prey.

Along the main road, near the forest, not far from Marys house, a man is looking for his missing buffalo. He has a torch to illuminate his path, and he is completely innocent about this place. The werewolves couple trapped their claws and teeth, approaching the man. The couple grabbed, and first shot the mans head, then his hands and feet. They carried the fragmented body into the middle of the forest. They quickly ate the hands and feet. Opened the head to the two and ate it. Also, they destroyed the body and removed the intestines. Some precious flesh was left for their daughter. Covertly, Mary saw what her parents were doing at the time. She wanted to run away, but she couldn . She continues to hide as the werewolves couple leaves the area. She asked herself, ”Why is this? Why are they both followers of Satan? And why did I follow them? ” Mary quietly cried and left the place resentful of the werewolves parents.


Brando – The Playboy POV

An energetic Brando Ramirez prepares to leave while playing with car keys in his right hand, walking quickly towards his newly purchased sports car. He is happy for his trouble-free life because his parents inherited the wealth of their ancestors. A tremendous land for them to manage and thrive on another treasure for their future. ”Where are you going son? ” Asked his mother Yolanda Ramirez. Brando kissed his mothers cheek, and replied, ”Just wander around Ma. ”

”Don do any nonsense and don be late to our dinner, ” Yolanda warned her son.

”Yes Ma and bye! ”

Brando happily walked out of the house, he wanted to fly to their garage, if only he could. He chose the red Ferrari car to use. The guard opened the gate when he saw Brandos car and paid respects by saluting him. Brando exited the Subdivision and accelerated his vehicle with full force.

Carla Villa waited for Brando outside their gate when it arrived. ”I thought you weren going, ” Carla said pointing a finger at Brando. ”Damn it, believe me, I can forget. Remember, I love you? ”

”Yeah, but this last time I waited for you and you didn come, you remember that, don you? ” Carla replied.

”Okay, okay … come now, you
e spoiling my day … go … go … ” While in the car heading north of the subdivision, Brando asked Carla. ”By the way, whats your type now? Eat or wander around the forest? ”

”Both, well eat and roam together, and you know my favorite thing to do, don you? ”

”Same? Hows that? ”

”Yes, we would go to that place before, to that place you took me there. We can eat and we can go to heaven at the same time. ” Brando just smiled when he noticed what Carla meant… the same in the previous story. He took Carla to the motel they used to go to and also here at the motel, Brando was taking his chicks. The workers knew him and his purpose as well. And they already know Brandos habit. Brando immediately locked the door, kissed Carla on the lips, and undressed quickly. Brando carried Carla to bed and began the rapid foreplay until they reached the climax of pleasure.


Randy – The Suitor POV

Randy Ramos used the large tree to hide his identity secret when visiting Mary. He has been there so many times. He loves Mary, but cannot express his love for the woman. He didn have the courage to face Marys parents, Daniel Ramirez and Yolanda Ramirez. ”Mother, Im going to the river to wash our clothes, ” Ma

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