ry said to her mother.

”Yes, but don stay there too long. ”

”Yes, Mom. ” Randy saw Mary leaving for the river, he smiled and quickly followed her. As they neared the river, Randy appeared in front of Mary. ”Good morning Mary! ”

”Hello Randy, how are you? ” Mary asked.

”Im fine Mary. I want to go with you… to the river. ”

”Why? Are you going to wash clothes too? ”

”No, Im not going to wash clothes … I want to talk to you. ”

”What about Randy? ”

”About my love for you, about… you and me … ”

”Sorry, Randy … don bother talking to me again. I won love or cherish you ever again. I don want you. ”

”But why Maria, Im handsome, and hardworking? ”

”Don ask me again, go and find another woman for you !! ” Mary shouted at him. Randy was left without a word; his heart was trampled by a thousand giants. He could not understand why Mary was so mad at him.


The Ramirez Family

In the office, Brando hurriedly answered the phone. She was looking forward to this call from him. ”Hello? ”

”Brando? ” Said a womans voice on the phone.

”Who is this? ”

”You forgot bastard, why aren you visiting me here! ”

”S-Sharon? ” Brando was shocked.

”And who do you think….your other woman !! ”

Brando just smiled, he was used to such scenes. ”How are you babe? ” A question as if he had done nothing wrong for his other girlfriend Sharon. ”Im busy here in the office, you know, isn it … ”

”Busy with what, for whom, in your other class? ”

”Okay, even if Im busy Ill go to you, where will we meet? ”

”That place used to be, like it used to be, ” Sharon immediately hung up the phone.

”Sharons dog … didn mention the time … that woman was really mad, ” Brando said to himself after putting down the phone receiver.


Parents of Mary POV

Marys parents were farmers who worked hard on their lands every day. But they did not eat their harvest because they wanted human flesh and blood. All the time, they wanted to kill for the food they both had. ”Daniel, take a break. We
e not in a hurry for the rice harvests. Don work too hard, tonight we can have a fresh dinner. ”

”Okay Virginia, Ill finish this one first. ”

”Our victim yesterday was Yoyong … ”

”Tonight we
e going to attend our friend. Our donation is ready for him. ”

Virginia and Daniel didn like what they were doing but they inherited as werewolves through their ancestors. A tough curse they couldn resist at night, especially when it was a full moon. They give their money to their victims and they do so until death.


At Brandos House POV

A car suddenly stopped in front of the gate of Brandos mansion. Sharon approached the guard disrespectfully. ”Hey, you … why aren you opening the gate, bastard guard! ”

”Why? Who are you madam? ” The polite guard asked.

”Im Brandos fianceé, hell be the father of my baby! Wheres Brando? ”

”Okay go inside and ask Mrs. Yolly Ramirez, mother of Brando, ” said the guard as he opened the gate. Sharon entered the mansion, knocked on the door shouting. ”Mrs Ramirez… Mrs. Ramirez wheres Brandoooooo? ”

Mrs. Ramirez opened and slammed the door and immediately shouted at Sharon. ”Why are you screaming you witch, what do you need? ”

”I want your son! Im pregnant and hes the father !! ”

”Shes not here right now! Ill tell him when he gets home !! Go..go..go, you bitch !! ”

”Tell him about this thing or Ill tell your rich friends about it. You have no place in society when this thing happens. He hid from me, didn he? Didn he? ”

Mrs. Yolly Ramirez turned away and suddenly closed the door in Sharons face. Sharon left the mansion blazing with anger.


Brando enjoys these moments with his new girlfriend, Lucy Lee. They spent their precious moments on the beach outside Metro Manila. ”Wow, how nice of you in your two-piece swimsuit Lucy, ” Brando shouted.

”No, its just sexy, ” Lucy replied.

They enjoyed the night together swimming and drinking wine until they found themselves in the bathroom where they shared an eternal moment for their neighbor and tasting Gods precious gift. Brando left Lucy at the beach cottage alone. He went straight to the mansion. His mother and father are waiting for him to come home. They wanted to tell Sharons condition. Mrs. Ramirez was furious while waiting for his son. Brando suddenly appeared at the door, smiling and handing respect to the couple. ”Good evening Ma, Pa. Why are you still awake at this time? ” Brando asked his parents.

”Did you know Sharon was here this morning. ”

”Of course I don know because Im not here. ”

”Sharon is here because she told me, shes pregnant, and you
e the father of her pregnancy. ”

”What? That bitch, how, a hundred men were with her, and Im the father? Ha-ha-ha..bitch !! ”

”Son, youd better marry her. We don need problems in our society. And, besides, I want a grandchild. ”

”No Ma, Im not going to marry that dog … Im not ready yet. ” Brando left his parents in confusion, went into his room, and sat down next to his bed. He is thinking of something strange to avoid this event and needs adventure while he is single and young. He collected his backpack, some personal belongings, and cash. He slowly stepped out of the house toward the gate and asked the guard to open it. ”Open the gate, quickly! ” Brando shouted.

”Sir, why, where are you going, where is your car? ”

”Don ask me, quick, open the gate … ”

”All right sir. ”

Brando left the mansion in the middle of the night and headed for the city center.


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