The Filipino Werewolf – ALPHA MERCURY

The Azzwang and Azzo Tribes

end of the 15th century, when the colonization of Europe began. ”

”Three well-developed Indian cultures have gained modern attention. These cultures are the Aztecs of central Mexico, the Maya, who have lived since their origins to this day in the Yucatan, southern Mexico, and Guatemala, and the Incas of the Andean Highlands and Coastal Peru.But, the fourth Indian culture has never been discovered by modern humans, the Baltecz.The legendary peoples werewolves of Ossory, a kingdom of early medieval Ireland, the subject of a number of accounts in medieval Irish, English and Norse works.The werewolves are said to be descendants of a legendary figure who named Laignech Fáelad whose line gave the kings to Ossory. Legends may have originated from the activities of warriors in ancient Ireland who were the subject of frequent comparisons in the literature to wolves, and who may have adopted lupine hairstyles or wearing wolf skins while they were ”wolfing. ”and carried out raids.The Ramirez family originated in this culture through the Spanish colonization of the Philippines. Little did they know that they had brought a black box inside their fleet, with which they landed on the island of Panay. The Baltecz secretly formed their identity from the eyes of the people. But eventually, they split into two groups with different goals and objectives. Two of the groups were called the Azzwang and the other, the Azzo Tribe. The Azzwangs started spreading their strength and teachings by killing people all over the Panay Island area. People were terrified that they had completely changed their form to interact like marriage, family, friends and fully living as a human being. ”

”The Azzo Tribe group is where my ancestors came from; especially the Ramirez family. Ramirez as the leader of the group, made their goals different from the Azzwang, but they also wanted to mingle with the people. They married ordinary people but kept their secret. Some members of the Azzo clan also married into the Azzwang tribe, mixed blood, strength and vigor, accomplished their dark purpose by eliminating of people for their food. The intelligent members of the Azzwangs and Azzos live like humans but secretly practice their traditions. ”

”The marriage of the Azzwangs and Azzos claimed to be the lone fusion of evil within the demon itself, resulting in a new powerful creature that could lead Satan to take over the world of humans. The number 7 is the most powerful signs for the Azzwangs and Azzos; other symbols found from the members body must be read to identify future events of the tribe. ”

”Brando, Mary, you have to tell me everything you know about your parents, grandparents and great -grandparents, whatever you know about them. ”

”Yes my full name is Brando Ramirez from Paranaque City. My parents came from Panit-an, Capiz on the island of Panay. They are rich and strong in politics. I was their only child, but a loving man. Im 23 years old now, my birthday, 2 weeks from now. ”

”How about you Mary? ” James asked Mary.

”Two weeks later, my birthday, I was only 18. My name was Mary Ramirez, but on my birth certificate, I found out that my real name and that of my parents family was Wang from Panit-an, Capiz too. But my parents now, their family name is Ramirez. ”

”What do you see about your parents or grandparents? ” James asked.

”My parents were farmers, they worked their land every day. Sometimes, they
e late coming home at night. ” Mary lied.

”My mom loves me very much, while my dad loves me too, ” Brando replied.

”Did you know you have symbols stamped on your body, Brando, Mary? ” James asked the two. Brando and Mary looked at each other, amazed at what James had told them.


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