The Filipino Werewolf – ALPHA MERCURY

The Symbols Of The Latin Letter

itting on the floor setting the round table while James and Brando sat on the bench.

”Good afternoon everyone, Im James Ramirez and this is Brando Ramirez. I think everyone here knows about me today? But my grandfather taught me this clan secret. Raise your right hand if you don know me? ”

”Im Antonio Bermudez, my wife is Lolita, our house is standing next to the second rice field. Ive heard about you, but I don know you exactly. ”

James Ramirez told the crowd that they believed in the power of the Azzo clan. They believe the murder was committed by the Azzwang clan, we believe that James Ramirez is the secret owner of our clan who can help them in times of danger. ”Tomorrow, I will examine your naked body for a possible Latin symbol or symbols, so that I can understand your abilities and powers. If you have a Latin symbol, it means you are one of us. Then, I will give you an anting-anting and blessing liquid. Again, I will teach you how to use the valuables of the Azzo clan. The possible place for inspection of the Latin symbol is on the river, tomorrow morning. ”

When night came, James and Brando prepared their daggers, bolos, amulets, and blessing liquids for any possible encounter if they were to visit Mary. They walked cautiously and were ready to fight if possible. They saw a light at the far end of the banana orchard near the paddy field. ”James thats Marys house. ”

”Okay, come on. ”

They go to the house and knock on the door while calling Mary. ”Mary, are you there? ”

”Yes, Im here, ” Mary muttered and went down the bamboo stairs.

”Where are your parents? ” James asked.

”Well hide in the back of the house, theres a big boulder there. Well wait and see the two of them come home. ”

”All right. ”

The three waited for about an hour when the couple arrived. Daniel and Virginia sensed danger in them when they smelled the amulets worn by James, Brando, and Mary. They howl in anger, the growl grows louder, ready to kill, they get worse, more ferocious than ever.

”Okay, Brando, Mary, hold your amulet, focus your anger on them. Push your thumb on the amulet and touch your heart, thats all! Lets meet them! ”

The three became werewolves, appearing in front of Daniel and Virginia. They surrounded them to fight; strength to strength, strength to power. James grabbed Daniels shoulder as Brando slapped Virginias head and body. They scrambled to the ground as Mary sprinkled a liquid blessing on Daniel and Virginia. They are slowly weakening and transforming into humans. They all changed form as well.

”Get up Daniel, and you too Virginia! Well talk upstairs, ” James commanded them. They all went up to the house.

”Daniel, Virginia, I hope you are aware of the danger around the residents here in our area. I want peace and order here so that we can live with the people. I know you are old enough to understand your situation and so is Mary. We need your full cooperation, so that we can fight the evil deeds here in our area. Tell me the truth, about your clan, any information I can get from you. If you don cooperate, we will kill you two, ” James warned Daniel and Virginia.

”Mom, Dad Daniel, please tell them the truth. I know, you are not my parent, please, so we can live like people live. James knows about the tribe of werewolves here, he can help us, ” Mary pleaded with her parents.


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