must attend this ritual. We must continue to the river afterwards. Come with me Daniel and Virginia. ”

The sunny morning took over for this event on the river. All the residents were present, including the children who enjoyed the coolness of the water and it was truly surprising for them that they had a brave leader for the Azzo Tribe. James, Daniel, and Virginia are waiting for Brando and Mary to start this event. After an hour of waiting, the two did not arrive and James went to a large boulder and announced that the ceremony was about to begin. Everyone listened, lined up, and removed their outer garments to see the Latin Symbol branded on the body. ”Lets start now! ”

James examined the symbol of each. Daniel and Virginia recorded the names and signs in the logbook. It was almost all day during the meeting that all the residents obtained their identity and received the corresponding amulets and blessed liquid. Their willingness as Azzo Tribe warriors brought energies to their leaders, especially James.

”Listen, tomorrow, I will teach you all how to use amulets and blessed liquids. Make sure you are here open for this instruction to ensure the proper use of these essential items! ” James commands the people.

The three rested for five hours and began their search for Brando and Mary. For nearly six nights they set aside their own light for this purpose. They searched by the river, in the expanse of the forest, and the last place was the Altarin. They observed the front of the Altarin, slowly moved inside and they found Brando and Mary practicing different ways of using the amulet. Their bodies are separated, moving in different positions as if they had their own partners. ”They are possessed by the spirit of the ancestors. We will watch and see them, ” James whispered to Daniel and Virginia.

Brando and Mary, again, united their bodies in different positions, increasing their movements successively, and finally, they roared loudly in the stillness of the night. They sat facing each other, Mary began to feel pain in her stomach. Brando was amazed at the sudden appearance of James, Daniel, and Virginia.

”Brando …..Mary, ” James ran to the foot of the altar to pick up a Latin symbol, the Star of David, and suddenly returned to the altar table. He presses the symbol on Marys flower and shouts a prayer for the ancestors. A sudden gust of wind stirred up the dust inside the Altarin, another gust of swirling wind suddenly covered them on the altar table. James continued to shout in Latin; ”Amicus Optimus mei es, et amici optimi erimus aetatem, meaning, You are my best friend, and we will be best friends forever…. With hope, and above all accessed here… ”

The interior of the Altarin returned to normal, but flashing lights began to appear throughout. ”Brando, Mary, the spirit of our ancestors is with you both. They are happy with the union, want the baby to be born before the full moon and their spirits will remain the same for both of you. You are special to them. ”

They brought some amulets for the residents of Barrio, amulets, blessed liquid, Azzo clothes, daggers, bolos, spears, and other weapons that they could use in case of danger. James team distributed their symbols, weapons and taught them how to use these items. Other people with no Latin symbol on the body were asked for their identity. ”Randy, are you Marys suitor? ” James asked.

”Yes James. ”

”You have only one symbol in Latin, the Eye. ”

”Yes James, thank you. ”

The next day, the gathering on the riverbank of Barrio Anting-anting continued with vigor with the residents involved. Those without symbols were left in the village. James the leader of the Azzo clan began to select ten people with vital signs on their bodies that could help the clans faith.

”The four leaders under my command are Brando, Mary, Daniel and Virginia. The other six are Simeon, Raul, Ferdinand, Diego, Annie, Janette and Randy who are our messengers. Please come to the front to meet you of the people.I will appoint each of you a leader.As I instruct your leaders, your weapons and other items I have given you can be cleaned.This way we can teach and develop our team into the best warriors of the Azzo clan. We are special people dedicated to our great ancestors to defend our tribe. Long live Azzo !! Long live !! ”


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