The First Order

Chapter 21 - Family standing

> In reality, what Ren Xiaosu didnt know was that firearms these days were also quite precious resources in the stronghold. Usually, the private armys officers would not let the soldiers waste their ammunition. If they had that kind of budget, they would rather go drinking or look for women to fool around with.

Alcohol was prohibited outside the stronghold, but it was not the case on the inside.

Yan Liuyuan wondered, “Bro, why do I feel that you seem to know about their guns?”

Ren Xiaosu gave him a look and said, “Dont ask so much.”

Yan Liuyuan complained, “Do I still have any standing in this family?”

Ren Xiaosu was thinking about something else as he replied nonchalantly, “Dont think too much about it. Your role in the family is just to stay alive.”

Yan Liuyuan was speechless

When the sound of the private armys marching got further away, Ren Xiaosu shot to his feet and told Yan Liuyuan, “Go to Big Sister Xiaoyus shack tonight and stay there for a while. Come back only after I return.”

“Bro, where are you going?” Yan Liuyuan asked in a stunned manner.

By the time he finished asking, Ren Xiaosu had already quietly lifted the curtain door and gone out. A lot of people had gathered on the streets, so no one took any notice of Ren Xiaosus whereabouts.

Usually, no one would dare to come outside at night. But today, everyone had left their houses and come outside as though they were celebrating the new year.

Ren Xiaosu navigated his way through the darkness. After leaving the proximity of the town, he began to bolted forward. The moonlight was not very bright on this night, but as Ren Xiaosu had been going out of town almost every day for the past few years, he could essentially walk out here with his eyes closed!

The strongholds private army took the main road while Ren Xiaosu chose to go by a parallel path to avoid bumping into them.

He came out here not for anything else but to see if there was an opportunity. As for what kind of opportunity it was, he was not sure yet.


It was the guns that enticed Ren Xiaosu to come out here!

Ren Xiaosu had acquired Advanced Firearms Proficiency, so he knew very well how important firearms were in todays era. The private troops who were accompanying the band once said that they were carrying firearms with them and that any wolves would flee if they heard their gunshots.

Ren Xiaosu, who had encountered the wolf pack before, knew exactly how terrifying they were. But such terrifying creatures were afraid of gunshots?

Ren Xiaosu did not know what would happen to these private troops if they came face to face with the wolves. He was not thinking of getting their guns because his target was actually the factory. The people in town all knew that the factory managers were assigned firearms.

According to the people who returned after fleeing the factory, it was already over for those who remained behind. Ren Xiaosu had been wondering about it since the afternoon. Didnt they say that wolves were afraid of the sound of gunshots? Then shouldnt the managers be able to scare them away by just firing a few shots?

Perhaps they did not expect that the wolves would come, so it could have been too late for them to draw the guns. Or maybe the wolves carried out a sneak attack on the shooters. There could also be some other reasons, but the guns were probably still there at the factory.

Ren Xiaosu ran as fast as he could towards the factory. He was more familiar with this place than the private army was. And besides, the private army was marching there while he was running.

Suddenly, a gunshot rang out in the darkness. Then a prolonged series of deafening gunshots rattled through the night. There was even the screaming of humans.

Ren Xiaosu suddenly turned around and looked in the direction of the sound. Clearly, the private army had encountered the wolves, and many of them were still getting attacked after firing their guns. Didnt they say the wolves were afraid of gunshots? Didnt they say it was an animals instinct to avoid danger?

Today, Ren Xiaosu gained a new awareness of something: Although beasts had evolved to become stronger, they had never been able to overcome their animal instincts. Rabbits still ate grass, and wolves were still afraid of gunshots.

Unless everything had changed.

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