The First Order

Chapter 3 - A palace

m working at those places.

Xiaoyu lit the cigarette and took two puffs from it. She seemed to be thinking of something. “You cheeky imp, I consider you two my little brothers.”

“Oh.” Yan Liuyuan suddenly asked, “Did you catch a cold?”

Xiaoyu was stunned. “Yes, does my voice sound a little hoarse?”

“No.” Yan Liuyuan shook his head and laughed. “I saw that the smoke was not coming out from one of your nostrils after you took a puff.”

Xiaoyu was speechless.

For some reason, Xiaoyu felt that Yan Liuyuan did not like her very much.

“Then Ill head back first.” Xiaoyu said, “When your brother wakes up, tell him that I came over.”

“OK.” Yan Liuyuan smiled. “Ill pass the message along.”

After Xiaoyu left, Ren Xiaosu suddenly spoke from behind Yan Liuyuan. “Dont bully Big Sister Xiaoyu in the future. Its not easy for her either.”

“Bro, shes not decent.” Yan Liuyuan said, “Besides, shes only sticking close to you because she knows you always succeed when hunting.”

“Whos decent around here? Ren Xiaosu said calmly, “No decent person can survive in this world. Everyones hand is forced by their living conditions. We can only distance ourselves from her. Dont make fun of her.”

A chaste woman who was too decent would not be able to survive in this town.

Ren Xiaosu thought for a while and said, “She didnt even mention that she likes me. Besides, are you sure that shes only getting close to me because Im successful at hunting? And not because Im handsome?”

“Bro, everyone has not washed their faces for months. Everyone here looks basically the same.” Yan Liuyuan was speechless as he looked at Ren Xiaosu. “Bro, didnt you fall asleep? Why are you still awake?”

“I was just thinking,” Ren Xiaosu said as a brief explanation.

Ren Xiaosu was not asleep because he had been exploring the secrets of the palace in his mind.

In the circular palace, the walls were lined with old wooden cabinets, making it look like a huge showroom of sorts. However, he could not see what was on the display cabinets in the showroom as they were covered in black mist.

In the middle of the room, there was only one table with a brass typewriter on top of it. It was an obsolete typewriter that would make loud clacking sounds when typed on and hadnt existed for a very long time since The Cataclysm.

There were only 24 brass keys on this typewriter. Each of them was engraved with a character: fair, positive, honest, real, friendly, kind, rich, strong, etc.

It was full of positive energy, in a manner of speaking.

But it seemed that the typewriter was supplied with an unlimited amount of leather parchment and would move by itself without anyone typing on the brass keys. Currently on it were two small lines of words that had appeared during the afternoon: “Quest: Gift your catch to someone else. Quest complete. Awarded Basic Skill Duplication Scroll. You may use it to learn another persons skills.”

He could not tell if he was imagining this or if there was some other explanation for it. According to legend, some people could create a memory palace and build a fantasy world based on the level of their spiritual will.

But Ren Xiaosu felt that his palace… looked a little different from the description of a memory palace.

Why would it get him to gift his catch to someone else? Did this typewriter want him to be a good person?

To be a good person in a world where ethics came at a premium?

No way in hell!

At this moment, his consciousness was standing in the center of the vast palace as he looked at the “display cabinets” around him. It looked like items were floating within the display cabinets, but they were hidden by the darkness. That black mist didnt allow Ren Xiaosu to see what was floating inside.

These display cabinets were connected to the dome of the palace, making it look like a huge museum. Ren Xiaosu walked up to one of the cabinets and tried touching the item floating in the black mist. But no matter how hard he tried, he could not penetrate the resistance of the black mist.

It was a power that he could not pry into right now.

If Ren Xiaosu wanted to know whether the palace was real, he would have to use actions to prove its existence.

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