The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray

Chapter 30: Kicked Out by the Carters

Chapter 29: Disowned by the Carters

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After Dominic said that, the Carters couldnt help but look at each other.

It had been a long time since anyone was disowned and kicked out of the family.

Although people placed less emphasis on familial ties these days, and being disowned by your family would not warrant public hate, it was still a serious matter for a major family like the Carters.

After being disowned and chased out of the family, they would no longer be entitled to all the dividends and benefits of the companies owned by the Carters, and even their residence would be confiscated.

After all, being disowned by your family was an extremely embarrassing thing, as it usually meant that you had committed a heinous offense and had a problematic character that caused you to be chased out of the family.

Cheyenne didnt expect Dominic to threaten her without getting to the bottom of the truth.

At this moment, Cheyennes heart turned cold.

She had done so much for the family in the past, but what was it for?

Was a family like this really worth her effort…

Over the next two days, Cheyenne went to the Stardust Corporation countless times and begged to see Flynn Davis but was rejected every single time.

“Im sorry, Miss Carter. The general manager is busy at the moment. Do you have an appointment with him? If you dont, Im sorry, but you cant see him.”

At a loss, Cheyenne walked out and stood outside the Stardust Corporation office tower, not knowing where to go.

Her slender figure was so thin and fragile that she looked like she was unable to hold on any longer.

Lucas stood on the top floor of the Stardust Corporation office tower and gazed at her figure for a long time, feeling a heartache with misery in his eyes.

“Mr. Gray, are you really not going to see her… Shes your…” Davis asked.

“No, well act according to the original plan. Only when she sees how heartless the Carters are to her can she truly be ruthless and sever ties with them.”

He thought that Cheyenne would only end up getting ruined if she continued to stay in that toxic family where everyone humiliated her and exploited her to no end.

“Cheyenne!” Charlotte hurriedly ran over and hugged Cheyenne with a gleeful expression. “Cheyenne, I just received the notice that I passed the Stardust Corporations interview, and Im now an official employee! This is my nameplate. Dont worry anymore. Ill go in and ask Mr. Davis.”

“Charlotte, no!” Cheyenne hurriedly stopped her sister. “Youve just been recruited, so dont get involved in this matter, lest it affects your job. Thatd be worse! Ah, I havent congratulated you on joining the Stardust Corporation yet. Lets celebrate tonight,” Cheyenne said, forcing herself to put on a lopsided smile.

“Why are you saying this? Cheyenne, Im not a kid anymore. I can share your burden. Actually, why should you be the one to solve this matter? Grandpa and the others just think youre a pushover, huh? If I were you, I would just put this matter aside and let them worry about it themselves! What do the companys risk of winding up and losses incurred have to do with you? Anyway, no matter how much effort you put in, they wont return the Brilliance Corporation to you!” Charlotte rattled on nonstop like a drum, feeling extremely unjust for her sister.

Feeling terrible, Cheyenne said, “I just cant stop worrying about the Brilliance Corporation. I dont want to watch it get destroyed like this.”

Charlotte knew that her sister had always had a strong attachment to the Brilliance Corporation. Stomping her feet furiously, she exclaimed, “In that case, I will ask for you!”

Before Cheyenne could stop her, Charlotte dashed into the Stardust Corporation with her work pass, pressed the elevator button, and rushed straight to the general managers office on the top floor. The secretary outside didnt stop her at all.

“Are you the general manager, Mr. Davis? I have some questions for you.” Charlotte stood in the office and looked at Davis, who was sitting in front of his desk.

“Sorry, Mr. Davis. This new employee isnt aware of the rules and barged straight in. I couldnt stop her,” the secretary hurriedly apologized to Davis after glaring at Charlotte.

Ever since he learned that Cheyenne was Lucass wife, Davis had investigated some of Cheyennes connections and naturally recognized the new employee in front of him to be Cheyennes sister.

“Its okay. You may resume your duties.” Davis waved his hand at his fear-stricken secretary.

After the secretary left, he looked at Charlotte and asked, “What do you want to ask me?”

“Mr. Davis, I just want to ask you why you signed a contract with the Carters Brilliance Corporation only two days ago, but you sued them for breach of contract this afternoon? I want to know why there is a breach of contract or if the Carters have offended you in any way. My sister has been waiting for you outside the entrance for two days over this matter. Even if you refuse to see her, it would only take a minute for you to send someone to make your intentions clear to her, right?” Charlottes heart ached for her sister whenever she thought about Cheyenne, who was on the verge of fainting outside.

“Since youve asked, Ill tell you. Go back and tell the Carters that they have done something wrong and offended someone, so they must bear the consequences,” Davis said.

“Who? Isnt it you whom they offended?” Charlotte asked in great surprise.

Davis shook his head. “No, that person holds much more authority than me, and I cant afford to offend him at all, let alone the Carters. Thats all I have to say.”

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