Chapter 30: Kicked Out by the Carters

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Daviss words put Charlotte in disbelief. The Stardust Corporation had a great reputation in Orange County because it had the support of the Huttons. It was famous, and the companies of the families of all sizes in Orange County dared not offend it and instead vied to cooperate with it. As the general manager of the Stardust Corporation, someone who held authority in the upper-class circle of Orange County, how could there be someone who had higher authority than him?

Who exactly is that person? How did the Carters offend such a person?

Charlotte was full of doubts as she headed downstairs to tell Cheyenne about the news. “Cheyenne, I just asked Mr. Davis. He said that we didnt offend him but someone whom even he doesnt dare to offend.”

She didnt doubt the truth of Daviss words.

When Cheyenne heard her words, her face turned pale. Someone even more authoritative than Mr. Davis…

Cheyenne was in despair. Her motivation to stand there vanished, and her knees grew weak, causing her to almost fall onto the ground. “Is… the Brilliance Corporation going to be ruined just like that?”

“Cheyenne!” Charlotte hurriedly held her and exclaimed worriedly, “Dont force yourself anymore. Youve already tried your best!”

At this moment, Cheyennes phone began ringing.

Cheyenne calmed herself down before picking up. “Hello?”

Bryce asked in a hostile tone, “Cheyenne Carter, the two days are up. Have you settled the issue with the Stardust Corporation yet?”

Cheyennes lips twitched, and she was at a loss for words.

Bryce immediately knew that the matter was not resolved yet and said haughtily, “Hey, youre incapable, so dont blame me for being merciless! Just wait to be thrown out together with your family!”

He hung up.

Charlotte and Cheyenne looked at each other, both having an ominous premonition.

“Charlotte, lets hurry home! We dont know what Bryce might get up to!”

“Yes!” Charlotte nodded and hurriedly pulled Cheyenne into the metallic red Lamborghini. As she sped through the streets to the Carter residence, the sports car roared like a swift bolt of lightning.

Lucas, who was standing on the top floor of the Stardust Corporation office tower, also sensed that something was amiss when he saw how troubled the two of them looked before leaving. Did something happen?

He headed downstairs and followed them.

At this moment, Karen was sitting in the living room of the Carter residence and watching TV. All of a sudden, there was a loud bang from outside, giving her a great shock.

“Whos there?!” Karen walked out of the house in displeasure, only to see a bunch of people standing in front of the courtyard. The fence of their residence had also been pushed away, forming a gap in the ground!

“Which bastard did this?! Are you blind? Didnt you see the fence here? Im telling you, if you dont compensate…”

Karen flew into a rage and cursed in a high-pitched voice with her hands on her waist. She suddenly saw Bryce walking out from behind the crowd while staring at her with a smug expression on his face.

Karen realized that this group of people at the entrance of the courtyard seemed to be the security officers of the Brilliance Corporation, and Bryce had led them here.

“Bryce… whats going on? Why are they…” Karen spluttered as pangs of panic engulfed her.

Hearing the commotion and sensing that something was wrong, William hurriedly came out of the residence too. “Bryce, whats going on?”

“Hah, whats going on? Dont you know yourselves? Two days ago, Grandpa said that if Cheyenne Carter couldnt resolve the contract issues with the Stardust Corporation, he would throw all of you out and disown you! Now, time is up. What do you think is going on?”

Karen and William immediately panicked.

They had heard about this matter before but didnt pay much attention to it because they knew that it was Cheyenne who had clinched the contract between the Brilliance Corporation and the Stardust Corporation. They reckoned that it should have been a simple task for her to clarify the misunderstanding and convince the general manager of the Stardust Corporation to cooperate with the Brilliance Corporation again.

They never expected that Cheyenne would fail to resolve it and that Bryce would be so merciless that he would bring his men over to chase them away!

“Throw them out together with all their belongings!” Bryce waved his hand and ordered his subordinates.

“Stop!” William hollered loudly in anger. He looked at Bryce. “Bryce, Im your uncle. Arent you going to take that into account at all?”

“Hmph, youre just a bastard that Grandma brought into the family. How are you considered my uncle? Back then, Grandpa only allowed you to take on the Carter last name because of Grandma. You took advantage of the Carters and lived in the lap of luxury for a long time. Have you forgotten who you are? People like you and your family should have long been thrown out!” Bryce retorted harshly with derision.

The wordbastard made William turn beet red, and Bryces remarks made him furious, but he was at a loss for a rebuttal.

“Throw them out!”

Hearing Bryces command, the security officers dared not be negligent, and they smashed everything they could. While struggling and yelling, Karen and William were dragged away. A huge commotion broke out in the small courtyard.

Cheyenne and Charlotte hurried into their residence, only to be greeted with the chaos.

“All of you, stop!”

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