ously, “How is this good-for-nothing your father? What are you crying for?! Keep crying, and Ill lock you in the attic!”

The frightened little girl shivered violently in fear and burped as she sobbed, not daring to cry again, her eyes full of terror.

Judging from her reaction… she must have been locked in the attic before! As anger surged in his heart, Lucas glared daggers at everyone with an icy cold gaze that seemed to make the entire living room freeze!

Just as Lucas was about to lose his temper uncontrollably, a pair of hands carried the little girl away from his arms.

Cheyenne kissed her daughters frightened little face. She was so heartbroken that she was on the verge of tears. “Mother, the last time you locked Amelia in the attic, she was so frightened that she had a high fever for days! Why are you scaring her again now? Shes still young, and youre her biological grandmother. Dont you care about her at all?”

“I-I was just frustrated and said that to scare her! Im not really going to lock her up. Seriously, its her fault for being so biased toward her father at such a young age…” Karen muttered.

Her voice got extremely soft at the end, but Lucas had sensitive hearing and immediately grasped the keyword.

His heart was thumping fast, and he felt a lump in his throat. Trying to verify something, he asked Cheyenne, “She… Is Amelia… our daughter?”

Cheyenne bit her lips tightly. She wanted to shake her head and deny it. But when she saw the expectant gaze in the eyes of her daughter in her arms, she couldnt bring herself to say no.

Amelia had been clamoring for her father, and Lucas was indeed her biological father.

She nodded with a complicated expression.

Now that his vague suspicion had been confirmed, Lucas was inexplicably agitated!

He didnt expect the child who had pounced on him and called himDaddy during their first meeting at the airport to be his flesh and blood!

The power of genetics is so amazing!

Lucas looked at Cheyenne and Amelia with a tender gaze that contained a tinge of remorse.

He owed them too much!

Lucas curbed his urge to go up and pull them into his arms. He nodded solemnly and promised, “Dont worry. Since Ive come back, I wont let you two down again.”

At the side, Karen rolled her eyes and exclaimed, “Hmph, talk is cheap! Youre a penniless man who has nothing. You shamelessly came back, and you still want us to feed you? Dream on!”

She poked Cheyennes arm forcefully, looking like she was expecting better from her. “Im telling you, go and divorce this good-for-nothing later! Seth has already said that hell get engaged to you on an auspicious date in the next few days. Do you hear me?”

Lucass eyes were full of fury, and the temperature around him seemed to plunge several degrees!

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