after assuming his new position, Bryce picked up the phone and asked, “Hello, whos speaking?”

However, his smile soon stiffened, and the more he thought about it, the more he felt that something was amiss. He even began to stammer. “W-wait a minute! I-is there a mistake somewhere? How can that be?” The cold sweat on his forehead instantly dripped down.

“Whats the matter?!” Sensing that something was wrong, Dominic immediately snatched the phone away instead of questioning Bryce. Unfortunately, the caller had already hung up.

“What exactly happened?” Looking at Bryces face, Dominic knew that something terrible must have happened.

Bryce looked at Dominic anxiously. “It was a call from the Stardust Corporation, saying that they want to terminate the cooperation with us. They also said that weve breached the contract and want us to pay massive compensation! Grandpa, what should we do?”

“What?! How did that happen?” Dominic panicked and stumbled, almost losing his balance and falling onto the ground.

Bryce hurriedly stepped forward to hold him. He was caught off guard by the sudden notification and had to let Dominic make the decision.

“Grandpa, have a seat and drink some tea. How could this happen all of a sudden? The contract was just signed this morning, so how could there be a breach of contract? Something must have gone wrong somewhere!”

“Yes, weve just signed the contract, and we havent taken any action yet. How is there a breach of contract? Did they mention in what way we breached it?”

“No. They merely stated that there was a breach of contract and that we have to compensate in accordance with the terms. The compensation is a huge sum of money, and we definitely cant afford it. Why dont I call the Stardust Corporation again?” Bryce asked.

“Yes, call and clarify with them,” Dominic instructed firmly.

Unfortunately, none of Bryces attempts succeeded, as the other party would simply hang up after thanking him for calling. They obviously didnt want to speak to him in detail.

Dominic was extremely anxious, but he dared not flare up because he was facing the Stardust Corporation.

“Tell everyone to come here for an emergency meeting!” Dominic ordered.

Soon, all the Carters gathered in the conference room.

They were initially still smiling gleefully, but as soon as they entered and saw the displeasure on the faces of Bryce and Dominic, they immediately stopped smiling and sat down conscientiously.

Almost all of them were present, except Cheyenne.

Dominic frowned. “Everyones here. Bryce, tell them.”

“Yes, Grandpa.” Bryce sat in the general managers seat and repeated the news that he heard over the phone once more.

After hearing his words, the Carters were flabbergasted!

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