, the more excited they got, and there were more and more conjectures.

Bryce smacked his hand on the table and exclaimed, “Ah, I know!”

With a look of excitement, he said to Dominic, “Grandpa, I know! Today, Mr. Davis said that he signed the contract with us only because of Cheyennes sincerity. I think he must have taken a fancy to her!

“Previously, you said that whoever can clinch the contract with the Stardust Corporation will take over the Brilliance Corporation. Everyone knows that Cheyenne is bent on taking away the Brilliance Corporation, so she must have tried to clinch the contract by resorting to all means. So…

“So, she must have gone and made some kind of deal with Mr. Davis!”

The more Bryce spoke, the more certain he was of his guess, as if these were not just his wild guesses but truths.

“No matter what, Cheyenne is still the most beautiful woman in Orange County. Thats probably why Mr. Davis decided to sign the contract with us. However, he went back on his word and changed his mind after seeing that you didnt hand the Brilliance Corporation to her! Mr. Davis must be infuriated. Thats why he suddenly sued us for breach of contract!”

The Carters came to a sudden realization.

Yes, that must be the truth! Its all Cheyenne Carters fault!

“Get Cheyenne Carter to come to the office to see me immediately!” Dominic ordered with a hostile expression.


After leaving the office today, Cheyenne went straight home, where she cooped herself up in her room and refused to see anyone. Her phone was on silent mode too.

Karen kept probing, but Cheyenne refused to say a single word.

The events that occurred today and, in particular, Dominic and the other Carters attitudes toward her made her feel disappointed.

At this moment, Karens phone rang. Seeing that it was a call from Bryce, she immediately picked up.

“Hello, Bryce. Yes, shes in. You need to talk to her about something urgent? Okay, Ill get her to go to the office immediately.”

After hanging up, Karen immediately pounded hard on the door of Cheyennes room. “Cheyenne, hurry up and come out. Your grandfather wants you to go to the office for something urgent!”

Cheyenne didnt really want to go. but thinking that perhaps there was something important that she had to deal with at the office, she forced herself to get up.

Soon, Cheyenne arrived at the conference room of the Brilliance Corporation and was greeted by a bunch of people staring at her with furious and peculiar gazes.

Cheyennes heart dropped. Whats going on? Does it have something to do with me too?

“Cheyenne, I didnt expect you to be so shameless. Since youve hooked up with Mr. Davis to get the contract signed, why did you go back on your word and cause us to be sued by the Stardust Corporation for breach of contract?” Bryce was the first to stand up, and he immediately lashed out at Cheyenne.

Cheyenne was instantly stunned!

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