The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray

Chapter 4: Take The Money and Get Lost

Chapter 28: All Sorts of Insults and Humiliation

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Hook up? Go back on my word? Breach of contract? What?

“What nonsense are you spouting? Didnt the Stardust Corporation just sign the contract with us this morning?” Cheyenne asked with a frown, her eyes still red from crying just now.

Bryce humphed coldly. “Hmph, drop the act! Just come clean. Were you the one who caused the Stardust Corporation to sue us for breach of contract and demand compensation? How will it benefit you if the Carters suffer heavy losses?”

Only then did Cheyenne somewhat figure out what he meant. She was extremely astonished too. The Stardust Corporation is suing the Carters for breach of contract? Whats going on?

“Cheyenne Carter, Im telling you, no matter what shameless conditions you promised Mr. Davis in exchange for the contract, something has gone wrong now, and you have to solve the problem!” Bryce exclaimed sternly while pointing at Cheyennes nose.

Cheyennes face turned red with exasperation because of what he was implying. “What do you mean shameless conditions? I didnt promise anyone any conditions. Dont slander me. Arent you the general manager of the Brilliance Corporation now? You should be the one to solve any problems that arise!”

“Shut up!” Dominic slammed his hand on the table in anger. “Bryce is now the general manager of the Brilliance Corporation, so youd better talk to him respectfully! Furthermore, are you showing your disgruntlement about my decision this morning?”

Cheyenne clenched her jaw and said after a long time, “No.”

“Say it yourself. What rights do you have to make me hand over the Brilliance Corporation to you? The scandal you were involved in previously has already brought shame to the family and caused us to incur severe losses because of the stagnation of the companys development. You refused to marry Seth Miller, and today, your good-for-nothing husband offended James Wilson, causing the cooperation with the Wilsons to flop. I thought that you were at least a little useful, but as soon as we clinched the contract with the Stardust Corporation, this happened!”

Dominic stared at her accusingly. “Cheyenne Carter, Im really disappointed in you.”

Cheyenne felt extremely aggrieved, but she knew that her grandfather was just biased against her and trying to push all the blame to her. No matter what she said, he would just think that she was making excuses.

“No matter what, you have to solve the issue with the Stardust Corporation, or else we will go bankrupt if we really have to compensate a huge sum of money for the breach. Are you going to watch the Brilliance Corporation fold?”

Dominic was well aware of how attached Cheyenne was to the Brilliance Corporation. Previously, he often threatened her with the fate of the Brilliance Corporation too, making her slog her guts out for the company.

This time, he was doing the same thing once again. Cheyennes heart was full of misery, but she really could not bring herself to watch the Brilliance Corporation wind up.

She clenched her fist and suddenly raised her head to say to Dominic, “Okay, I can promise to go see Mr. Davis and try to talk him around, but you have to promise me one condition.”

“This is your responsibility to begin with. How dare you make Grandpa promise you a condition?” Bryce immediately chided.

Dominic frowned. “Tell me.”

After taking a deep breath, Cheyenne said seriously, “If I can solve this issue and save the Brilliance Corporation from the crisis, I hope you will return it to me, Grandpa.”

“Dont even think about it! Impossible!” Before Dominic even spoke, Bryce immediately sprung up as if his tail had been stepped on. What a joke! The Brilliance Corporation already belongs to me. Who is Cheyenne Carter to take it away from me? Grandpa will never agree to it!

“I single-handedly established the Brilliance Corporation. After I gave birth to Amelia, you said youd help me manage it, but you never returned it to me. Im just taking back what rightfully belongs to me.” Cheyenne refused to budge as well.

“You!” Overwhelmed with anger, Bryce turned to face Dominic. “Grandpa, what is she saying? Is she trying to say that we snatched the Brilliance Corporation away from her?! It belonged to the Carters in the first place! Besides, its indeed true that she colluded with Mr. Davis with the intention to take the Brilliance Corporation away!”

“You actually have the cheek to say that the Brilliance Corporation belongs to you. Youre so shameless!”

“I was wondering why we got sued for breach of contract right after signing it. It turns out Cheyenne Carter has long colluded with others!”

“Cheyenne Carter, if not for our familys reputation, would you have been able to establish the Brilliance Corporation? We helped you, but not only are you not grateful, you even have the audacity to say that we stole it from you!”

“Exactly. We worked hard for so many years, and if we hadnt taken over the Brilliance Corporation, it would have long folded! Such big talk! This company belongs to the Carters!”

The other Carters began pointing fingers at Cheyenne, as if the Brilliance Corporation should have belonged to the Carters in the first place and that Cheyenne was just trying to rob them of their asset.

They were twisting facts!

Cheyenne was infuriated, but there was no way she could outargue more than ten people who lived off of the Brilliance Corporation.

“Enough, all of you!” Dominic roared to stop the commotion going on in the conference room.

Glaring at Cheyenne with a stern gaze in his eyes, he threatened, “I dont care if you deliberately schemed against us this time or what. Regardless, if you cant settle this issue with the Stardust Corporation within two days, I will remove your names from the family records!”

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