The Galaxy Dragon and the Straw Hat Pirates

Logue town and Nezu\'s new Cloak

As the day went on they eventually set sail and everyone was celebrating their latest crew member. There was delicious food and drinks, but what Nezu was more fascinated by was how they got this far without a ship doctor. She knew humans were more fragile than Draconians, yet the sheer luck these Pirates seemed to have at staying alive… it amazed her. She had to help them out if they were going to sail the Grand Line, there was no way they were going to make it without a doctor and they were going to need the very best.

Nezu was leaning against the railing, {Now that Im part of this crew I better start pulling my weight by finding the best doctor for Luffy and the crew… but what should the qualifying qualities be?}

”Hey, Nezu, you ok? ” Nezu jumped as she turned to see Zoro standing behind her.

”Oh! Its you Zoro, you startled me… ” Nezu said as she tried to calm her breathing.

Now that she can get a better look at Zoro… he was really handsome. His short green hair and tan skin really complemented each other and not to mention he was very muscular under that shirt of his. Her heart began to beat faster as he walked over to her and leaned against the railing next to her.

”Listen… Im not… Im not great at first impressions, ok! ” He grunts out forcefully, ”Im sorry I pulled my sword on you and all that… ”

{Is… he apologizing?} She thinks to herself in shock, {This human is full of surprises. Aren humans usually very proud creatures?}

He turns to face her to see her looking at him curiously with wide eyes as she tilts her head like a curious kitten, he asks slightly nervously, ”W-whats with the face? ”

She smiled cutely, ”You humans keep surprising me… especially you Zoro. ”

Zoro averted his gaze as he blushed fiercely, {Damn! Why does the latest crew member have to be so dang cute?!}

He sheepishly scratches the back of his neck, ”So, uh, what were you doing earlier? ”

Nezu smiled and said, ”I was thinking about asking the cosmos for directions to the best doctor for our crew. It seems that with how you guys keep getting into trouble you guys might need medical attention sooner or later. ”

Zoro just looks at her in awe, {This chicks something else… Can she really chart us a course to find a good doctor?}

Just then Sanji comes wandering over with a tray of mini fruit tarts, ”Would the beautiful lady like a fruit tart? ”

Nezu blushed slightly, then asked shyly, ”I-Im b-beautiful? Truly? ”

Sanjis eyes widened slightly as he absent-mindedly shoved the tray of tarts in Zoros hands as he took Nezus hands in his, ”Milady, you are the most ravishing creature on this boat! Might I add I would love to cook you a special diner an- ”

At that moment Sanji was cut off by Zoro stuffing a mini tart in his mouth and chuckling as if he was annoyed, ”You really should think before you speak buddy. Don you think you
e coming on a bit strong there for someone who just joined the crew? ”

Sanji gives Zoro a death glare then the two guys begin to argue which in turn causes Nezu to just laugh at their antics. She has never been one to be the object of anyones attraction… and yet she has no idea that two young men were vying for her attention and affection.

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