The Galaxy Dragon and the Straw Hat Pirates

Logue town and Nezu\'s new Cloak

tion while Luffy runs off without thinking. Nezu wanders around for a bit when she bumped into a woman with long black hair wearing a cowboy hat and a pink cloak with a heart pattern.

”Watch where you
e going there ugly duckling. ” She chuckled, then continued walking as if nothing happened.

{Who was that incredibly rude woman?} Nezu thought to herself then shrugged and continued walking.

After a couple more blocks she came across Zoro at a sword shop looking irritated even more than usual. She walked up to him and saw that the prices of the swords were very expensive… but she could probably cover it for him if he would let her. Shed would probably have to persuade him, and she knew just how to.

Nezu tapped Zoro on the shoulder and he jumped slightly, ”Zoro… I can help you out if you… ya know, need a loan. ”

He sighed heavily thinking she was going to be like Nami with money, ”And what is the fine for this… loan? ”

Nezu blushed slightly as she tiptoes and quickly kisses the tip of his nose, ”Just that… or was that too much of a fine for you? ”

Zoro blushes fiercely then stammers out, ”T-that f-fine… I-I mean its good, damn it woman! ”

Nezu giggled as she then grabbed his hand and led him into the shop, {He is way too easy to figure out… but damn his reaction was so cute! I hope I can make him my mate… he would be a great partner to have and I would definitely never want any other male.}

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