There was a large four poster bed in the middle of the room and Zoro just smirked at Nezu, ”So is this a sorta love nest you Draconians make or…? ”

Nezu furiously blushed as she stammered out, ”I-I…y-you…. Urrrgh! ”

Zoro just laughed loudly then lifted her up and began to walk towards the bed, ”Easy there starlight, remember you were shot so we can do… that dirty deed… but I might be able to offer some relief for you, if you ask nicely. ”

She tilts her head and her ears twitch, ”I have no idea what you mean… but if you want to mate, I can assure you my wound is of no consequence and… mmmphff! ”

Zoro sealed her lips with his as he pressed her against the bed. Their lips moved together in sync and their tongues mingled. His hand moved strategically down her body until he reached under her skirt to massage the regions between her legs. She moaned delightfully in his mouth as she bucked her hips when his finger touched a sensitive area.

Slowly he moved his fingers into her wet core and she gasped loudly, ”Oh, Zoro!! Mmmmh!! Ahhh! Please, more! It feels so good! ”

Zoro smirked deviously as his kissing moved from her lips down to her lovely chest, and he began to suck on her breast as his fingers moved inside her dripping wet core. She moaned loudly and gripped his hair in her hands which made him go nuts for her even more.

Their pacing began to speed up as Nezu was panting and nearly shouting Zoros name in ecstasy. Zoro was getting frustrated that he could do the one thing he wanted when suddenly she flipped him onto the bed on his back in one swift motion that if you blink you would have missed it.

She was panting hard and her pupils were blown wide. She leaned close to him and said very calmly but with force behind her words, ”Now, take off your clothes… I am going to mate with you and we are doing it here and now. ”

Zoro was really turned on by how she took charge and while she took off her clothes he noticed her wound was already healed. He pushed that to the back burner for now since he had other matters to take care of. Once they were both naked she wasted no time and began to position herself over his large member. She let out a satisfying moan of pleasure when she sank herself onto him and he let out a deep groan. She began to grind against him and they were both loving the feel of each other.

Her wings spread wide as she was riding Zoros cock, and he felt like he died and went to heaven.

”Nezu! Oh crap! ” Zoro was panting hard as he was reaching his peak, ”I think Im in love with you. ”

This bit of information for Nezu had her heart doing back flips as she then reaches her orgasm a second before his release as hes pumping her full of his seed. She collapses next to him on the bed as she is breathing heavily, and Zoro just chuckles.

”I thought you Draconians had more stamina than that? ” He chuckled as he turned to look at her.

She turned her head and looked at him curiously, ”But don human males need time in between mating to… ”

Suddenly he was on top of her and kissing her, when he stopped he just chuckled and said, ”Resting is for the weak, I got plenty of energy for this starlight… trust me. ”

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