Nezu looked warily down at her abdomen and this time she was sure… she could feel a slight energy that was similar to hers yet slightly different and located in her lower belly.

She gently touched her belly and smiled softly, she then looked up at Zoro who was giving a confused look, ”Umm, Zoro, can we talk… privately? ”

Zoro nodded and then they both walked into the kitchen. A few minutes later Zoro walked out of the kitchen wide eyed and like he was in some sort of a daze, he was soon followed by Nezu who was looking rather concered… until.

”IM GONNA BE A FATHER!!! YEEEEAAHHH!!!!! ” Zoro broke into a huge smile and threw his arms in the air then swiftly scooped up Nezu and spun around while laughing and smiling the whole time.

Nami smiled big and let out a girly squeal of happiness for Nezu while Usopp was patting the back of a pouting Sanji. Suddenly Nezus powers began to activate only she was unaware of what she was doing which in turn caused four Pirates and a Draconian to be teleported to the Going Mary in mid-celebration.

Luffy had just noticed the crews return as he had just finished painting his pirate mark on the head of a giant island whale… for reasons unknown, ”Yo! Valora, they are back and it seems something good happened while they were away! ”

Valora was talking to the light house keeper, Crocus, and when she heard that her little sister was back she was beyond glad but felt that something was off as she walked over to greet her sister.

”Valora, we have great news to share. ” Nezu said with a big smile.

She saw the Zoro had an arm locked around Nezu and her scent has changed…. Valora knew already, but it never hurt to hear it from the source.

”Dear sister, I am with child…. Im pregnant! ” Nezus smile was bright as a dozen stars and Valora smiled right back.

Crocus walked over and smiled, ”Congrats young man… but young lady would you like me to give you a check up to make sure the child is healthy and progressing fine? ”

Valora smiled at Crocus, ”Don worry old man, we female draconians are Champs at child bearing and raising… this is no sweat for my little sister. ”

Suddenly two strange individuals walked up to them, one a orange haired man with a crown, and a light blue haired woman.

”Hello, my name is Ms.Wensday and we cordially invite your crew to join us at our home island of whiskey peaks for a grand welcoming celebration …. all Pirates who make the voyage here make it to whiskey peaks first for the grand party first. Skipping it would be a sign of rudeness and an insult to our chief. ” the light blue haired woman said.

The crew exchanged looks with each other but ultimately it was Luffy who said, ”Why not? A celebration sounds just about right for the news we just heard…. besides, how bad can one party be? ”

As everyone boarded the ship Sanji felt like he was being watched and glanced over his shoulder only to see nothing. Brushing it off to some jitters he boards the ship and with that they all take off.

The creature that was spying on Sanji was a young fish woman by the name of Lana. fish woman are much different than their brutish counter parts the fishmen…. for example fish woman are sometimes referred as mermaids or sirens and the can have tails in the water while legs on land but can only walk on land due to a special mucus that covers their entire body.

Lana had deep blue hair that tumbled down her back in waves and emerald green eyes. She wore a tattered tank top that was still able to cover her chest… she didn bother with much else half the time since she was always in the water… yet the yellow haired man, he had caught her eyes.

When the ship made its way to open waters, Lana dove under the waves and swam right next to the ship, {Ive only laid eyes on him once … yet my heart beats faster by the mer thought… I will find out more about this man, and most likely make him my mate. Just wait brother, I will be able to provide no mater the cost.}

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